Super Sock Blanks

75% SW merino / 25% nylon

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Single strand knit yarn blanks will give you a new canvas for dyeing. Easily make self striping yarn for socks and more! No more winding tiny skein chains, just mix up your colors and have at it!

Give the sock blank a nice long bath in warm water - it's key to being sure that dye will saturate the yarn. Each blank is approximately 10" x 42" when dry.
A horizontal dye pattern will yield a wider swath of color to the final knit fabric and when dyed in vertical patterns it will give a more varied appearance to the final knit fabric.

The blank unravels from one end easily so you can knit directly from the blank or wind a skein or center-pull ball for a more traditional approach. There is a 'right' end and a 'wrong' end where you will begin the unraveling. The 'right' end will unravel smoothly; the 'wrong' end has a lockstitch at both edges.

  • 75% SW merino / 25% nylon
  • Approximately 3.5 oz., approx. 463 yard skeins
  • Approximately 28 sts per 4"
  • Dyes great with Acid Dye


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The other review on here doesn't actually address the quality of these blanks so I felt compelled to share my experience. These sock blanks are quite nice! The gauge is nice and small perfect if you are wanting to use something like stencils or hand painting a design where you want to keep the details. The yarn itself is a nice quality merinonylon. Takes acid dyes beautifully I've used both the Dharma house brand and Jacquard and have been very pleased. Definitely worth trying for yourself :)
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Please start carrying DOUBLE-stranded sock blanks!
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This was my first time dying and knitting from a blank. It dyed beautifully. I was a bit sorry to lose the batik look of the dyed blank- it knitted up speckled of course but still lovely. More experienced knitters suggested washing and skeining the yarn before knitting to avoid the kinkiness but I just knitted straight off the blank (after marking a halfway point) and after one wash the socks are smooth.
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This was a new experience for me. Tried my hand at painting the blank with acid dyes and it came out beautifully!! Was very pleased with how it knitted up!
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