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These Tote Bags are natural off-white, ready to dye, paint, screen or marble. The Carry-all is made to hold a grocery bag. These are sturdy working bags made out of natural 100% 10oz cotton canvas. The inside seams are serged for extra strength and the handle connections are reinforced. We have a new source making them stronger, better, and with cotton thread so that they look really great dyed! Also a fantastic canvas for transfers, silk screening, fabric painting and other embellishment.

**Keep in mind that even though very strong, canvas is a large thread fabric, so can fray easily. Canvas also shrinks a lot in hot washer/dryer. Therefore all canvas products should be washed delicately.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

                      Height  Width  Depth  Strap   Other
Shoulder Sling (#SSB)   14"     18"     4"    30"    11"x11" pocket
Carry-All (#CAB)        15"     17"     5"    20"
Town Tote (#TTB)        13"     13"     5"    20"
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I got one of each size to try out against some from a craft store.Something about the canvas they're made from leeches this icky yellow slime into the soda ash. It didn't seem to effect the other items in the soak but we dumped it after that batch anyway.They shrink when washed and dried. Similar items say to hand wash and air dry. Since we were tie dying them that wouldn't work so into the washer and dryer they went.Too thick to do very much in the way of designs on but hubby managed a heart on one. The dye tried to run away when applied but we just added more and it stayed. Seems to need to soak in VERY SLOWLY. The cotton handles were a plus. The craft store ones had poly handles and didn't hold the dye like these handles did.Kind of spendy. I ended up taking a loss on the price to make them affordable for my festival customers. Do wish they cost less but not if it meant a cut in quality.
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I bought the carry all a couple years ago and after tiedyeing 5 or so figured out that to get them to take color evenly on the outside I had to turn the bags inside out to tie dye them. It worked really well nice bright colors. The thick canvas makes it hard to do spirals but they are strong. I've been using them for groceries and books since then with no problems.
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Totes are greatbut there is some kind of coating on them. When I soak them b4 dying this goldgross and smelly film comes off. I have to soak these seperate from other items in soda ash.They also shrink if put in dryer.
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I washed these before embroidering.some shrinkageas expected no frayed seams! Nice heavy canvas so they feel more expensive than they are. Black would be a nice option.
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Wonderful easy to paint on. Your bags are the best
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