100% Rayon Light Ponchos And Caftans

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Get comfortable, get loose and stay cool in the summertime!

This set of ponchos and caftans are all made from our new 100% Rayon Light fabric, a lightweight version of our viscose rayon. The Rayon Light is a looser weave (almost like a flat gauze), making it semi-sheer when you receive it in it's undyed state. Once it's dyed, the fabric becomes virtually opaque. This fabric has a gorgeous drape and feels like it floats on air. Another great thing about Rayon Light is that even garments that require lots of fabric (like caftans) still feel lightweight on your body, rather than making you feel like you're wearing a heavy blanket. Careful when handling it wet though! The nature of rayon, especially lighter rayon, is that the fabric tears easily when wet, then regains its strength when dry.

All the ponchos and caftans have shaped and faced necklines, rolled edges, and indented side seams. An indented side seam, for those who aren't sure, is simply having the side seam sewn in about 6-8" from the edge, leaving the actual garment edges free to move. Kind of like side mini wings that flutter in the breeze.

After gentle washing and drying, we found that this fabric looked great. It required minimal or no ironing if you pull it out of the dryer immediately, which we loved!

The short poncho can be worn with pants or dresses or skirts or shorts. And it makes a great beach cover up over a swimsuit.

The "One Size Regular" poncho or caftan will fit women's sizes Small through Large. The "One Size Plus" poncho or caftan will fit women's sizes XL- approx 3XL. The measurements are before shrinkage.


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Material is light as air and takes dye beautifully. Gorgeous and fun to wear. I would love to see more garment selections using this Rayon Light and perhaps you could even sell Rayon Light yardage?! Great stuff. Thanks!
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These ponchos and caftans are my best sellers! Customers LOVE these and the rayon tie-dyes SO well!
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These are my biggest seller - so comfy and customers love the plus-size option! The fabric dyes beautifully!
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Women absolutely LOVE these! The light rayon is my favorite fabric to tie-dye. Gorgeous!
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I recently tie dyed two of these ponchos and I can't say enough good things! They take dye beautifully and they are so light comfortable and attractive to wear that they've quickly become two of my favourite items in my closet.
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