Fiesta Dress

Fiesta Dress
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This romantic easy to wear dress looks good on every figure type. Keep it undyed and wear it as a wedding dress. Or tie dye it and be the most vibrant bride around! Dye it up in pastel shades for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Or ombre a rainbow from the bottom hem up to create a unique dress for any occasion. Wear it as a lounge dress, beach cover up, festival dress, Mother of the Bride dress, or graduation dress. Covered elasticized neckline all the way across the top and shoulders (front and back). Wide cami straps so that you can get the off shoulder look and still wear a bra. The straps could be tucked in or even cut off if you want a bare off the shoulder look (see photo). You can also pull the dress up to wear the shoulders covered (see photo).

Low empire waist (or a high natural waist) that is elasticized. This won’t hit you right under the bust nor will it sit at your waist. Three tiered full skirt for dancing, twirling and swirling. Below elbow puffed elasticized sleeves can be pushed up above the elbow for a really full puffed sleeve look. Or pull sleeves down for a slimmer sleeve look. Elasticized lower sleeve hem with self ruffling. Rolled and stitched bottom dress hem. Sewn with cotton thread for perfect dyeing.

The Fiesta Dress is cut oversized to allow for shrinkage after the washing and dyeing process. Dress will shrink mostly in the length. Expect up to 5 inches of shrinkage from the dress length after dyeing, washing and drying. If the dress seems too long for you, wash it a few times to get the maximum shrinkage before fitting, cutting and hemming to make it shorter. Women’s true to fit sizing, not juniors. Design & production in the USA. Assembly in Bali. 

Made in soft flowing woven 100% Rayon Light that drapes like a dream! Very wearable in the summer and is not heavy. 100% Rayon Light fabric is a lightweight version of our Viscose Rayon. The Rayon Light fabric is a looser weave (almost like a flat gauze), making it semi-sheer when you receive it in it's undyed state. Once it's dyed and washed, the fabric compacts and becomes virtually opaque. This fabric has a gorgeous drape and feels like it floats on air. Another great thing about Rayon Light is that even garments that require lots of fabric still feel lightweight on your body, rather than making you feel like you're wearing a heavy blanket.

Careful when handling it wet though! The nature of rayon, especially lighter rayon, is that the fabric tears easily when wet, then regains its strength when dry. After gentle washing and drying, we found that this fabric looked great. It requires minimal or no ironing if you pull it out of the dryer immediately - which we loved! 

Care for Rayon: Rayon soaks up a lot of water and stays wet longer than other fibers, making it perfect for dyeing and batching. However, Rayon is weak when wet. When removing rayon garments from your washer, cradle the entire garment like cradling a baby. Do not lift wet garments by a corner or edge. The weight of wet fibers could cause tearing in the fabric if lifting by a corner or edge. Handwashing is usually the ideal way to launder rayon garments.

Model is 5'8" tall and is wearing the size S. Women's true to fit sizing, not juniors. Designed in the USA. Assembly in Bali.

Which size of BR632 should I order?:

If your body measures: 36" bust, 27" waist, 37" hips: order the S.
If your body measures: 38" bust, 29" waist, 39" hips: order the M.
If your body measures: 41" bust, 32" waist, 42" hips: order the L.
If your body measures: 44" bust, 36" waist, 46" hips: order the XL.
If your body measures: 48" bust, 40" waist, 50" hips: order the 2XL.
If your body measures: 51” bust, 44” waist, 53” hips: order the 3XL.


Size  Bust   Waist-  Length-includes  Sleeves
            relaxed     5" straps
S      38      24          55            16
M      42      28          55            16
L      44      28          55            16
XL     50      34          57            16
2X     54      34          58            17
3X     60      38          59            18
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5 star rating
I purchased to wear as my wedding gown and I am grateful for the way the dress conceals my not so perfect body but still looks sexy at the top of the shoulders. I need to wear a bra so I sewed in some strap carriers at the tops of the straps on the underside (you use thin ribbon and 1 set of snaps). Nice thing is that after the wedding I'll dye this baby up and can still wear a rockin' tie dyed dress for future events.
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5 star rating
I ordered 2 and as a plus size woman I am THRILLED with the fit! I cannot wait to dye them!
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