Cotton Gloves - 3 pair

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Yes, it's true - I'll put anything in this catalog! Does anyone want cotton gloves to dye or tie-dye? I really don't know, but I found these, and now you know where to get 'em if you want 'em. By the way, these make excellent shower gloves. Really good for exfoliation, kind of like a loofah sponge but easier to wash so they don't get gross and stinky.

Heavy coarse cotton knit, off-white, stretch to fit almost anyone, dye and/or paint up great.

Sold in packs of 3 pairs.
Price per pack of 3.
Each pack counts as one item for discounts.


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The gloves have a little weird shape. They do dye nicely though.
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The knit is large and coarse and the gloves barely reach the wrist. I don't know what I would use them for.
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I bought these for my daughter to keep lotion on overnight. They were stiff when new but softened up a lot after washing. They do work for this purpose but I think a tighter weave (more like t shirt fabric) would work better. I'm not sure I'd recomend this particular type of glove for this purpose to somebody else. Then again I haven't actually FOUND cotton gloves elsewhere either....
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WASH before dying...the dye sits on top if you don't. SO much easier to dye after washing!!
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Dye these up (agreeing with another comment - PREWASH before dyeing) sew a loop of cotton twill tape at the wrist to allow for hanging and use these for shower exfoliating gloves. The rugged semi-coarse cotton fabric lathers up like crazy with your favorite body wash and gives my skin a good much better and easier than a washcloth.
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