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394 Rectangle Pendant, 399 Small Circle Pendant, 440 Circle Pendant, 443 Oval Pin, 474 Triangle Pin, 1053 Small Square Pendant $5.60 5.17
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394 Rectangle Pendant
399 Small Circle Pendant
440 Circle Pendant
443 Oval Pin
474 Triangle Pin
1053 Small Square Pendant
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Transform your silk paintings into beautiful jewelry. That is the name of the game with these easy to use findings. Just place a small piece of silk over the grey insert and drop it into the backing, then bend in the four little 'claws' to hold in place.

With these pieces you can get even more out of any silk painting! You can even use them to salvage paintings that have flaws by cutting smaller sections out and making pendants, clasps and brooches. The perfect accessory for any fiber artists' wardrobe! The Jewelry parts are made of brass and are gold plated twice and at the end they are protected with a resistant varnish that protects them from tarnishing and changing colors. To decorate them you can use as they are or cover them with the iron or copper inserts.

Click on the images in the orderform or the "View Full Size" link in the image browser for each style to see dimensions, front/back views, etc. Please note that the color may vary from copper to grey.

  • #394 Rectangle: 1 5/16" wide x 1.5" tall
  • #399 Small Circle: 1 5/16" wide x 1 5/16" tall
  • #440 Circle Pendant: 1 1/2" wide x 1 1/2" tall
  • #443 Oval: 1 6/8" wide x 1 5/8" tall
  • #474 Triangle: 1 7/16" wide x 1 7/16" tall
  • #1053 Small Square: 1" wide x 1" tall

Made in: FRANCE (FR)

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Cut the silk larger than the shape (obviously) and then I run a gather stitch around the edge to secure it. You may want to line it with some white muslin. In that case stitch around them both to gather at the same time and secure on the back. A few dots of glue under the gathers on the back and it should be good to go. You don't want it bulky though or it will be hard to secure the prongs to hold it in place.
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I can't figure out how to get the silk scrap to stay tight smooth and tucked in around the insert. The prongs hold the two metal pieces together but do not stretch control the fabric. Have tried glue on the back with no luck. Dharma customer service did not know. Can anyone who has used these offer suggestions? Ordered for a class and no one used them. May have to return.
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I bought the rectangle pendant and triangle pin just to try and ended up ordering more! What a great way to use peices of silk design that might have been discarded! LOVELY!
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For those who have trouble getting the silk on tightly. Cut the silk a little bigger than the copper form. use a light coat of spray adhesive on the front surface of the copper. Press the silk on and smooth to remove creases or air pockets. Trim to a few mm edge. For the straight edge settings put a narrow strip of double sided tape on the back of the copper insert to hold the silk edges down. Push the silk edge firmly in place taking care with the corners before putting in the setting back on and pushing pins down. For the curved edges the tape method is tricky so try a ring of craft glue instead. Don't use too much or it may get on the front surface.
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Great... some new shapes. I have had great success with these in my range of handpainted silk jewellery. I paint miniature landscapes on silk and these settings compliment beautifully.
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