USE FOR: Develops in sunlight - Sun painting with shapes and stencils, Screen Printing, Stenciling, Hand painting, Block Printing, Spraying, Squirting

USE ON: Cotton, Viscose Rayon, Linen and Raw Silk


Inkodye has closed it's doors forever!
After years of partnership with Inkodye, then the new owners of Lumi, they have finally decided to throw in the towel. We will miss the quality and quirky-fun that has always been in each bottle of Inkodye, BUT, there is a product that is every bit as good, with MORE colors - Jacquard SolarFast!

Inkodye by Lumi Co.

Inkodye is a true vat dye that has been pre-reduced to a clear leuco-base form and is ready to use right from the bottle. It is one of the most permanent types of dye available for natural fibers. It will not stiffen fabric and is able to withstand strong soaps, boiling water, rubbing, dry-cleaning, common bleaches and sunlight for moderate periods of time. Ideally suited for the home dyer, Inkodye techniques are not difficult but are quite specialized so directions must be followed carefully. Inkodye colors develop best on untreated cotton, linen, rayon and raw silk. Most other natural fabrics - including some synthetic, permanent finish and crease resistant fabrics - accept Inkodye quite well, while on others the dyes will only produce colors of light to medium value. Best results are obtained on white or light colored fabric. It is important to always dye a test sample of the fabric you intend to use before starting any project.

The most significant difference between Inkodye and other dyes is that color development is achieved through direct exposure to UV light, heat or the use of steam. From the bottle, Inkodye is a slightly thick liquid of an ideal consistency for direct application techniques such as screen-printing, stenciling, brushing, sponging and block printing. Inkodye can be diluted with water for applications requiring a thinner consistency such as tie dying, dipping or spraying. If a thicker consistency is required, sodium alginate may be used.
If kept in a cool, dark place Inkodye has a shelf life of about two years.


Discontinued by the manufacturer

Average Customer Review
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4 star rating
I'm surprised to read that others found the colors developed poorly. I've used these at least half a dozen times most of those occurring on overcast days in the Northeastern USA (Boston area) in winter and my colors turn out quite bright if I use Inkodye at full strength. This last time was my first using water-diluted dye and I got beautiful pastel colors on silk. In the past I used Inkodye full strength and brushed it on large rubber stamps to decorate cotton clothing items. I subtract one star because of the cost and the fact that I don't think the colors really mix according to the Red-Yellow-Blue color chart--at least not for me!
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5 star rating
Colors are vivid colorfast and long-lasting. Fun to use though limited to sunny days. Can be developed by an iron but not as magical. Downside is that they're pricey. I'm developing a T-shirt business using them.
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4 star rating
Liked these products a lot. I was making t-shirts with children but nowhere near enough dye in the small bottle to cover more than 2-3 shirts. I bought the extender and 2 colors hoping this would be enough but not the case. Cool product and concept though. Kids enjoyed the magic color that came out of it and so did I. Kind of expensive for the amount of work surface you can cover but like that it is non-toxic too.
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4 star rating
I actually a great blue with Inkodye and sunlight. Minus one star because I wish there were a way to thicken the dyes and that it were cheaper. Otherwise perfect!
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1 star rating
I bought the red and blue to make prints on cotton.The colors are not at all what they are advertised as and the finished product looked sloppy. I tried for a year to make clean prints with this product (like on their web page and never was able to achieve what they said it woUld do. The smell is toxic so if you work with it I would say donor outside. I personally would not advise this product but others seem to have luck with it.
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