Jacquard Silk Colors (Red Label)

Jacquard Silk Colors (Red Label)
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USE FOR: Silk painting - serti and watercolor technique, salt and alcohol effects, Batik on silk, Tie-dye on silk, spraying, etc.

USE ON: Silk and wool

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701 Citron
703 Yellow
706 Apricot
710 Poppy Red
712 Scarlet
714 Carmine Red
715 Magenta
717 Digital
718 Purple
721 Night Blue
722 Royal
723 Sapphire Blue
725 Cyan
730 Turquoise
732 Marine Green
735 Kelly Green
736 Veridian Green
745 Brown Sienna
750 Choc Brown
759 Black
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Jacquard Red Label Silk Colors are concentrated economical liquid dyes for silk painting that produce rich, transparent colors that allow the translucent nature of the fabric to shine through.

Red Label Silk Colors are true dyes, not thinned pigments, so they do not stiffen the silk or cover the luster. All 20 colors may be blended together into an infinite range of vivid colors or diluted with water for pastels. These dyes are lightfast, odorless, non-toxic, contain no alcohol and can be hand washed or dry-cleaned. Now that the U.S. dollar has lost value lately and the French dyes have increased steadily in price, these dyes are more and more attractive. Folks who use them love them. You don't have as much color selection as with the French dyes, but they are infinitely inter-mixable!

These dyes are what are known as "Remazol" fiber reactive type dyes. They are not as strong as Dharma Procion type Fiber Reactive or Procion Liquid H dyes, they are formulated for silk and wool, and they require heat to "fix". They are roughly twice as concentrated as the Green Label Silk Color dyes. If you get any bleeding when steaming some colors, it means you should dilute them a little.

Red Label Silk Colors can be set only by steaming! They cannot be set with Jacquard Dyeset Fixative concentrate like the Green Label Silk Dyes. The difference between Red label and Green label Jacquard Silk Color is mainly depth of color, although they are also chemically different. Red label dyes produce much more vivid colors because they are more concentrated. Dilute with water or a 50/50 water and alcohol mixture (dries faster) to make less intense colors or pastels. But they MUST BE STEAM SET! The more dilute Green Label, being chemically different, will fix with either steaming or Jacquard's Dyeset Fixative, so are great for beginners or those who don't want to steam.

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5 star rating
Bright lovely and have been a joy to steam. Do be careful and don't use too much dye. Thin it with the diluent. No reason to use more dye than can bond to the fabric if you aren't going for overdye. They blend well and the alcohol technique is so much fun with these dyes. I can make any color I need. I have some silk yardage I test on for color perfection. I have mostly small bottles but CMYK all are being purchased in the larger size. I go through a lot of turquoise magenta yellow and black. The black is REALLY black. Use only a touch to darken other colors and mix well for best results. They steam set perfectly.
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4 star rating
Jacquard Silk was not my first choice but it is my final choice. I will keep using it for the breadth of hues available and how well they combine to create any color I want. The smell is slightly inky at worst. Dharma is easy to work with and is the kind of company this world needs. My only complaint is that some of the colors vary noticeably from batch to batch. Even with the occasional need to tweak my formulas when I restock I will continue using these dyes very happily.
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5 star rating
I began using the Green Label dyes and switched to Red Label - I have no other brand to compare to but the Red label is certainly worth the extra few bucks. No complaints at all with this product. I always love the initial impression of unrolling the silk from the newsprint after its been steamed and seeing how much more vibrant the colors are!
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5 star rating
I find the Red Label gives brilliant colors after being steamed for 2 hours. It is holding up really well also.
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3 star rating
Jacquard has some beautiful dye colors in the Red Label Line - they take to the salt technique very well. However I have discovered that if I want to use alcohol techniques this is not the line of silk dyes to use. These dyes react very little to alcohol and may take several applications of alcohol to get the dye to "move" even a little. The French dyes are much more reactive to alcohol.
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