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Alter Ego Dyes Kit
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These Alter Ego Dyes, which are also sold individually in lots more colors, are tailored specifically for dyeing patterned Silk/Rayon blends, like Devore Satin or Cut Rayon Silk Velvet where the backing is silk and the pattern overlay is rayon satin or rayon velvet pile. Alter Ego dyes provide colors for the silk fibers, and colors for the rayon fibers. You choose one of each, and pour them both into the dye bath with your fabric or scarf, vinegar, salt and fixative, and shazam! beautifully dyed in the 2 colors you chose.

The silk dye only dyes the silk fibers, and the rayon dye only dyes the rayon fibers. Check out the pics above to see examples. Absolutely fabulous results, and so easy to use even a caveman could do it! Just throw everything into a pot on the stove, simmer and stir for about 30 minutes and booyah! If you like cut silk/rayon velvet or devore satin goods, in any form, you have to try these dyes! The results are fantastic, and they are so easy to use you will love them.

Alter Ego Dyes Kit contains:
3 50ml Alter Ego dyes:
  • #1(725) - Jonquille
  • #3(435) - Garance
  • #7(241) - Bleu Infini
3 50ml Dupont Dyes:
  • #717 Jaune Primaire
  • #221 Cyan
  • #420 Carmin

Kit also includes:

  • 50ml Vinegar
  • 50 ml Fixative
  • 1 Droppers
  • 2 Portion cups
  • Instructions

Made in: FRANCE (FR)

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I'm just finishing up my first three devore scarves using this kit. The instructions are well written and easy to follow but the colors that are needed for the recommended combinations are not all included in the kit. I would have to buy those separately to achieve their suggestions. So I had to experiment which I didnt really want to do seeing as how expensive the kit is. Also the droppers for measuring dyes were very difficult to read so I wasnt too sure how much of the dyes I had added to the pot. But having said that the colors that I tried were vivid and satisfying. The only one I didnt like was a silk bluered combo for purple with a yellow for the viscose. The purple deffinatly muddied the yellow. What would make this a great kit is if there were combinations of colors and amount of dyes used for each combo that used the colors in the kit. There was a deffinate chemical ordor in the room so i would strongly advise good ventilation.
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These are just so much fun like having a kid's chemistry set! I wish I had a bit more understanding of the proportions needed for the size scarf but experimenting is part of the adventure. I can see making these for gifts because everyone loves them and I sold the first one I ever made. Warning: using the kit will make you want more colors after the first few scarves - they are THAT much fun!
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Fabulous products! I just wish I had checked your your online step by step instructions instead of following the brochures' instructions. And this is because the recommended amount of dye to be used is vastly different far more economical to do it your way and the end result is more attractive in terms of colour too. So thank you!
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Being a beginner I was VERY skeptical. But the result were gorgeous and exactly what I imagined they would be. Very simple very vibrant beautiful colors. Can't wait to use them again
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I LOVE this product!! I am a weaver so I put on a silk warp and wove with rayon. Fantastic.
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