Dharma Pigment Dye-The Works {15 total}

Use for: Silk painting, Serti Technique, Freehand painting, Tie-Dye, Crinkle Dyeing, Spraying, etc.
Use on: Silk, Wool, Cotton, Nylon (untreated), Polyester,Synthetics & Blends

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Dharma Pigment Dye-The Works {15 total} $102.60
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The Works
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The Dharma Pigment Dye System

Here's a really exciting and different product! Dharma Pigment Dye is a concentrated, totally non-toxic pigment system that when applied to fabrics, looks and feels like dye. The big thing is that, unlike dyes, you can get wash-fast, dry-cleanable, permanent results without the use of steamers, chemical fixatives, or extensive heat-setting. Just dilute it to taste (we recommend 1 part pigment to 2-4 parts water), directly apply it (ie any way except submersion), and let it dry and air-cure for at least 24 hours. (If a 24-hour air cure is a problem for you, you can speed up the process with a hair dryer.) We have found that a bit of heat-setting, 20 or so minutes in a home dryer or a quick 1-3 minute run-over with an iron, will produce the strongest colors. Then, it should be washed to get out the excess, just like you would with a dye. Pigment dyed fabrics have a unique "stonewashed" look, ie a little faded, more or less depending on the fabric, so test if you need specific results.

The Works contains: the 11 Regular colors, #80 White Base, #85 Pearl Base, #90 Retarding Agent, and #95 Thickener.


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So easy to use! Great for use with kids just remember to wear gloves.
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I bought this set for my class. The colors were great and they went a long way. My only problem with this set was that some of the dye was thick and not pourable like the others and had to be scooped out of the container like the violet. Not sure if it is suppose to be like this or if it is old.
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Very nice alternative to cold-water dye. Colors went on as described. Very happy with your products.
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I used these dye for a craft workshop we made batik canvas tote bags. I was amazed at far the dye went I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough mixed up and we only used about an ounce of each color... of diluted color! And the color was vibrant I'm very happy with these dyes!
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This is a new product for me but so far I am finding this an interesting dye to work with.
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