Sennelier Tinfix Design Silk Dye

French Silk Dye

USE FOR: Silk Painting - Serti silk technique, water color, alcohol and salt effects, Tie-dye & Batik on silk, silkscreening (thickened)

USE ON: Silk and wool

Clearance Disclaimer

Sennelier Tinfix Design is unfortunately DISCONTINUED. We have a few bottles left and they are priced for clearance. The colors are highly concentrated and therefore very vivid and intense. . As with all dye, fabrics remain soft, supple and transparent. Another great thing about these dyes is that each color is coded for it's resistance to light and responsiveness to salt techniques to help you choose.


1. When steam-set in a professional or home-made steamer, Tinfix Design is as good as or better than any silk dye in the world in regard to brightness & strength of color as well as wash and lightfastness.

Jacquard Dyeset Fixative. This works, but the colors come out much less rich and bright than when steamed in a steamer.

Not intended for use by or for products for children 12 and under. Lead free, but not certified.

Made in: FRANCE (FR)

Average Customer Review
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Fabulous dye!! Beautiful colors and so many colors too. I've been using Tinfix for years and still love it. As a professional silk painter I've gotten the best results using steamable dyes and I've found Tinfix and Dupont silk dyes are the best.
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I just completed a two-day workshop using these incredible dyes and I'm hooked! Magnificent color! I may never go back to watercolor! I love the way the dye moves on the silk and blends so beautifully for value changes. Some in the class had other silk paints from other workshops and to me they were not nearly as vibrant as the Tinfix! Love it! I feel an order coming on! KRS
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Does anyone have the same problem as me? Dyes are gorgeous but after steaming and with time the colors fade. I love the way these dyes turn out only after time the brilliance fades and all my hard work is for naught. Anyone have any ideas on how to keep colors from fading? Should I be doing anything in addition to steaming?
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I wish I could give it a 4.5. I only had trouble with the coral turning orange when the salt technique was used. However when it came to purple especially turquoise and green the effects were so spectacular they defy words...
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Tinfix is my favorite as the colors don't bleed out after steaming as much as the others I have tried and the colors are so vivid! I try others but always come back to Tinfix.
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