Super Fast Acid Dye for Wool

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Super Fast Acid Dye for Wool
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USE FOR: Tub Dyeing or direct application (with steaming)

USE ON: Wool, mohair, feathers, alpaca, angora and nylon

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Need a dye that can handle those hard-to-dye protein fibers like wool, mohair, feathers or nylon? Jacquard has you covered.
Unlike the main line of Jacquard Acid Dyes, the SuperFast Acid Dyes are all premetallized (also known as metal-complex dyes). Premetallized dyes strike faster than other dyes and have excellent washfastness and lightfastness properties, making them especially well-suited for wool. These colors don't migrate once fixed so it is especially important to agitate constantly when immersion dyeing. Another thing that helps for an even dye job is the "leveling agent" Ammonium Sulphate.

Because the dye molecules are complexed with metals (usually cobalt, copper or chromium), the molecules are especially large and heavy, which is what gives them their unique electro-chemical properties. However, this does not mean they are unsafe or bad for the environment when used properly.

These dyes are only available in one pound sizes and through our Special Order program.

Super Fast Acid Dye Instructions

Immersion dyeing on stove top:

  • Thoroughly pre-wet fiber or fabric and set aside.
  • Using 3-5% dye by weight of fabric (less for pastel colors and up to 6-8% for dark colors such as teal or black) dissolve the dye in several cups of hot water. More water may be needed for larger dye jobs.
  • Add dissolved dye solution to a stainless steel or enamel pot that holds just enough warm water to allow the fabric to move freely. Stir.
  • Introduce pre-wetted fabric.
  • Stirring often, slowly raise the temperature of the solution to approximately 185° F or to a near boil.
  • Add ½ cup white vinegar. Be careful to avoid pouring directly onto fiber.
  • Maintain temperature and gently stir regularly for 20-30 minutes.
  • Turn off heat. Allow solution to cool to room temperature (stir occasionally). Remove fiber and rinse with cool water until water runs clear. Synthrapol is recommended and will help to remove excess dye.
  • Use Dye Fixative in the wash bath for materials where back staining or bleeding is an issue. This is particularly important with direct dye application where a hot water bath or steam setting is not used.

Direct application:

  • Using hot water, create a solution of .5-5% dye by weight. (Example: ½ oz of dye in 9.5 oz water would make a 5% solution).
  • This solution can be applied directly onto fabric or yarn by a squirt bottle or sponge brush. It can also be thickened using Print Base Kit for screen printing, painting, stamping and stenciling.
  • Steaming is necessary to set the dyes in this application.
  • Rinse fiber until water runs clear. Synthrapol is recommended and will help to remove excess dye.

Check out our article - "Did you Know how Acid Dyes Work" if you are a really serious wool/silk dyer and want to get into the chemistry and types of Acid Dyes and how they work.


NOTE: Acid dye solutions are stable and maybe stored and used repeatedly. Letting the dye solution sit for a long period of time, or solutions with a high concentration of dye in them, may gel or the dyes may fall out of solution. Simply re-heat until the solution is reconstituted.

WARNING: May irritate the skin or eyes. Avoid contact with eyes, wear rubber gloves, and a suitable dust mask. Use common sense and good housekeeping with dye powders. Avoid creating and breathing dust.

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5 star rating
This dye is AMAZING! Folks Jacquard Products is right. This dye is the one if you're having a hell of a time achieving a really great black.
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