Whole Dried Q'olle Flowers

Buddleja coriacea

USE FOR: Tub Dyeing a solid color, some direct application techniques

USE ON: All Natural Fibers

Whole Dried Q'olle Flowers
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Buddleja coriacea
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Q'olle flowers, also known as Buddleja coriacea, is a variable species endemic to the High Andes. Q'olle is a small, yellow flower that is very commonly used within the Sacred Valley area of Cusco. When used to dye materials, Q'olle produces a rich yellow. These flowers are collected and dried during the months of February through April so this product is seasonal.

Our natural dyeing expert has found that this flower is very versatile and responds well to various mordants such as alum, vinegar, and soda ash or even no mordants at all making it perfect for beginners. So try it out! We think you'll not only love the color they produce but they also produce a pleasant smell, like an herbal tea. Mmmmm, tea...

We tested at 50% WOF but we think you can adjust that percentage to your liking and still yield a beautiful color.

Made in: PERU (PE)

Buddleja coriacea


Whole Dried Q'olle Flowers Instructions

Basic Recipe

What you’ll need:

  • 8 oz. Q’Olle Flowers 
  • A non-reactive pot used for dyeing (stainless steel or enamel is great) and a non-reactive spoon for gently moving the fiber around in the pot. 
  • A pound of any natural fiber (silk and wool work best)
  • Dharma Textile Detergent, or Synthrapol

Note: It’s always best to work in a well-ventilated area and to use aprons or gloves to avoid staining your hands or clothes.


Weigh the fiber you want to dye. You will then measure out 1/2 that amount in Q’Olle flowers. For example, if you are dyeing 1 pound of fiber, measure out 8 ounces of Q’Olle flowers.
Go ahead and pre-wash your fiber with Dharma Textile Detergent to make sure it’s nice and clean and ready to dye.
Fill your pot with enough water that the fiber you’re dyeing has room to swim around freely.
Add the Q’Olle flowers and heat up pot until you reach a light simmer (around 185 degrees)
Please note: If you are working with wool, add the wool fiber into the pot before turning on the heat. You will also want to wait for the pot to reduce down to room temperature

Before removing it from the pot to reduce the chance it may felt.

Add the fiber into your pot and allow it to simmer for about 30 minutes for lighter shades, 1 hour for darker shades.
Allow your pot to cool down and rinse the fiber in cold, running water. Once the water is running clear, feel free to add a little Dharma Textile Detergent or Synthrapol and rinse a little more. The soap will get into the fibers to pull out any dye that didn’t stick to the fiber.


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