100% Bleached Linen Fabric

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Product Details 1-9 10+ Bolts
100% Bleached Linen 4.7 oz. 54" $8.48 7.74 7.08/yd.
100% Bleached Linen 3.8 oz. 54" $9.51 8.66 7.93/yd.
100% Bleached Linen 6.8 oz. 54" $10.91 9.88 9.04/yd.
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3.8 oz. 54" wide
4.7 oz. 54" wide
6.8 oz. 54" wide
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Beautiful, soft, bleached 100% linen fabric. Three different weights, from thin to thick, fine to heavy. LIN21 has the finest weave, LIN6 the 'coarsest', with LIN holding down the middle! This fabric ships in a bag instead of on a bolt.

Fabric Details

  • 100% linen, bleached and optically whitened
  • 3.8 oz./4.7 oz./6.8 oz. per square yard, 54" wide
  • Thread counts are 52x53 / 50x54 / 36x36 threads per inch
  • You can dye this with our Fiber Reactive Dyes
  • Suggested usage; shirts, home decorating etc..
  • We found that this shrinks 8% in Length and 3% in Width disclaimer
  • Fabric is super soft slightly loose weave
  • Available in cut yardage (bulk discounts levels at 10+ yds.) and in 30 yard bags
  • Machine wash in any temperature water

Remember, bolts vary! They can be over or under - we charge you for the actual yardage. If you need very specific yardage, order cut yardage.

There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...

Made in: CHINA (CN)

Average Customer Review
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8oz is definitely opaque soft but fairly stiff after washingdrying. Good for heavier projects I'm going to be making early 16th century pantshosen from it cutting on the bias for the stretchThe 4.7oz is a good heavy shirt weight mostly opaque not as soft or supple as expected but will make good sturdy Renaissance (italian or english) shirts. The 3.8 oz stuff is perfect shirt weight for someone not planning on putting it through "Hell". I costume for historical re-enactors my clothing survives battle. I'm making myself some nicer shirts with this stuff wouldn't expect it to survive heavy use. Nice nonetheless! Partially see through.
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Well pleased! I ordered the lightest weight white linen in a 30 yd bolt. It arrived quickly and packaged nicely: the shipping box surprised me by being small and rectangular when I knew I had ordered a bolt. They folded it well so it isn't very wrinkled and wrapped it in plastic to keep it safe from weather. The linen has a very fine drape even before washing. I do living historyreenactment and this is perfect fabric for veils and higher quality chemises. It is not slubby like the linen found on Fabrics-store dot com much silkier and closer to the results of fine weaving in the medieval period. This is an open weave however expect it to be relatively transparent. Not a good choice for sun-protection if you burn easily.
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I bought the 3.8 oz linen for skarves and tunics. This linen has a beautiful hand drapes well and is great quality. I have not been able to find a comparable linen at fabric store for twice price
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I loved it. I bought it for a natural dye and shibori class. It held up to the stitched resist techniques took the dyes beautifully and had a lot of texture and character of its own to contribute.
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Nice linen optic white takes dyes evenly
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