7 oz. Cotton Duck, Natural or Bleached

7 oz. Cotton Duck, Natural or Bleached
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7 oz. Cotton Duck 63" - Natural $6.15 5.59 5.15/yd.
7 oz. Cotton Duck 60" - Bleached $7.79 7.15 6.59/yd.
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Color Chip / Item image Natural - 63"
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Current batch is 6.5 oz. per sq. yard
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Grade “A” Duck. 84 x 28 threads. A little lighter weight. Drapes better than the 10 oz. All dye well, but the natural dyes darker.

Fabric Details

  • 100% Cotton
  • 7 oz per square yard
  • Thread count is 84 threads per inch x 28 threads per inch
  • You can dye this with Our Fiber Reactive Dyes.
  • Suggested usage; tote bags, banners, slip covers, back drops etc.
  • We found that the Bleach shrinks 11% in length and 0 % in width, The Natural shrinks 17% in length and 4% in width disclaimer
  • Woven in India and finished in the USA
  • The texture is like a heavier canvas
  • Available in cut yardage, bulk discount level at 10+ and 30 yard bolts in the natural and 35 yard bolts in the bleached
  • Machine washable in any temperature water
  • The White fabric is Bleached and The Natural Fabric is PFD
  • Very strong fabric

Remember, bolts vary! They can be over or under - we charge you for the actual yardage. If you need very specific yardage, order cut yardage.

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5 star rating
Just what I wanted and expected. Order was efficiently processed. Be aware of significant lengthwise shrinkage.
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5 star rating
As an addition to my previous review when making 18th c. stays it is advised that the linen used NOT be washed beforehand as they aren't meant to be laundered like other garments. Therefore washing this cotton duck is also not advised so that it behave as much like the final result as possible. Lightweight linings were added after all stitching and boning is completed and then only "tacked" in so it can be replaced - and even washed - if need be. The linen shift or chemise is the one garment that is washed repeatedly and protects the stays from getting soiled by the wearer's body. Just in case a new reenactor reads this. Cheers!
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5 star rating
The materials received were awesome and excellent for what was needed. The generous information provided as to how the fabric will wear and react was quite helpful and more than instrumental in aiding in making a final decision on what material to choose. The Materials were received in a more than timely manner. Dharma made thing simple and broke things down to mashed potatohead when trying to make a decision for one fabric type over another for the project i am working on.
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