Raw Silk (Silk Noil) 45" and 55" wide

Raw Silk (Silk Noil) 45" and 55" wide
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Raw Silk (Silk Noil) 45" $8.09 7.59 7.19/yd.
Raw Silk (Silk Noil) 55" $9.85 9.26 9.23/yd.
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45" Natural
Due ~ late August
55" Natural
Due ~ late August
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This fabric is also known as Silk Noil. It's a nubby fabric in a natural off-white color. It has a somewhat rough texture but it has a soft gentle drape. Silk Noil dyes well but is not well suited for gutta techniques since it's quite heavy and gutta usually does not penetrate heavier textured fabrics well. You could option to apply gutta to both sides of the fabric for silk painting projects.

Great for making modern garments, historical reenactment costumes, Star Wars Tatooine resident's clothing and home decor. Check house rules at Tatooine Cantina for appropriate galactic usage. Not recommended for Star Destroyer officers clothing or Grand Moff uniforms. May the force be with you.

Also available in BLACKlighter weight and a smooth version

Fabric Details

  • 100 % raw silk
  • 35mm, comes in 45" and 55" wide, 4.23 oz per sq. yard for the 45" and 4.36 oz per sq. yard for the the 55" 
  • You can dye this with Acid Reactive Dyes
  • Suggested uses; garments, dresses, skirts, jackets, pants, heavier shirts, historical re-enactment clothing, Renaissance faire clothing, Star Wars costumes (go for it!), home decor, and curtains.
  • We found that this shrinks 11% in Length and 5% in Width disclaimer
  • Available in cut yardage (bulk discounts levels at 10+ yds.), 55 yard bolts in the 55" wide and 53 yard bolts in the 45"
  • Hand washing is recommended

Remember, bolts vary! They can be over or under - we charge you for the actual yardage. If you need very specific yardage, order cut yardage.

There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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Awesome for natural dyes. I wash it in the hottest possible water with a pH neutral detergent to open up the fibers and remove the natural oils. It accepts dyes much more easily after this pre-washing.
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Wonderful raw silk. I use this for proper paintings whereas I use the Habotai for scarves & clothing. The results mimic some of the effects that you get when using oils on linen which I love but the application works more like watercolors - making this a very unique surface to paint on - love it!
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I love this fabric! It dyes beautifully has a wonderful hand and texture. Perfect for quilting just bought 10 yards.
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This stuff is a dream! Soft breathable dyes up beautifully -- plus if it wrinkles all you have to do is hang it in the bathroom while you shower and the wrinkles steam right out. I've used it for Ren Faire and other costuming projects and it holds up quite well. The fabric does shed a little when washed the first few times however as bits of the nubby surface come off.
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Really good price nice to sew on feels to be of nice quality. The only thing is it has an odd smell which I have noticed in pretty much all raw silk no matter where I get it. It does dissipate after washing though.
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