Silk Gauze 4.5mm 45"

Silk Gauze 4.5mm 45"
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Some like it a bit heavier and stronger than the 3mm Gauze. Still sheer. Still beautiful!

Similar to Chiffon but an even lighter weight. A very sheer and delicate fiber with a very soft hand and floaty drape. Dyes and paints easily with great color retention. Some prefer this stronger backing for Nuno Felting (over the 3mm). Good for felted scarves, layered over heavier fabrics, ethereal set decoration, Halloween effects and more. 

Because of its delicate nature, silk gauzes should be handled more carefully.

Fabric Details

  • 100% Gauze Silk
  • 4.5mm, 45" wide
  • IMPORTANT - use Fire Retardant on lightweight fabrics such as this when using for drapery, public installations or any kind of decorations! Not recommended for wearables except as linings or when felted.
  • You can dye this with Acid Dyes
  • We found that this shrinks 11% in Length and 7% in Width disclaimer
  • Available in cut yardage and in 50 yard bolts
  • Wash in any temperature water - because of the delicate nature of gauzes, and because machines cause maximum shrink, we recommend hand washing and drying if possible.

Remember, bolts vary! They can be over or under - we charge you for the actual yardage. If you need very specific yardage, order cut yardage.

There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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5 star rating
This was my first time Nuno felting with 4.5mm silk gauze. It felted very well it has a little more body than the 3mm which enabled me to felt with less wool and still produce a fabric that holds it shape and looks fantastic!
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5 star rating
I used this for the overlayer of a wedding gown and it was a delight to sew. It is actually easier to sew and hem than a synthetic chiffon it goes through a roll hemmer on a machine much more easily and can be hand roll-hemmed with less difficulty.
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4 star rating
great for scarves if treated gently.Dyes well and drapes beautifully. fabulous price
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5 star rating
Very accurately described. Moderately sheer until dyed "hang-time" in the air is absolutely outstanding! It has a more cotton like feel not as silky smooth as other materials in this category. However it feels as thin as tissue defies gravity and well woven. I am extremely pleased with this purchase!
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3 star rating
I like the sheerness of the fabric how transparent it is! I used it for a belly dance veil. It tends to stick to itself though which is not so good for dance-ability. That's not because of any defect in the fabric though it's that I'M learning!
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