Silk Organza 5mm 45"

Silk Organza 5mm 45"
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A very sheer, crisp fabric that is strong and durable with a firm hand and a flat, smooth texture. Readily accepts and reflects strong, brilliant colors. Easy to dye but resists dye spreading, making it difficult for watercolor type techniques but easy for direct painting without guttas with minimum wicking

Fabric Details

  • 100% Organza Silk
  • 5.5mm, 45" wide
  • You can dye this with Acid Dyes
  • We found that this shrinks 6% in Length and 6% in Width disclaimer
  • Available in cut yardage and in 55 yard bolts
  • Machine wash in any temperature water

Remember, bolts vary! They can be over or under - we charge you for the actual yardage. If you need very specific yardage, order cut yardage.

There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...

To view this fabric in black click here!

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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5 star rating
Excellent fabric for interfacing or underlining sheer fabrics in my sewing projects! Crisp yet light this adds stability to colors or cuffs without unwanted color or heaviness. Easy to sew! Shrinkage when prewashed was exactly the expected 6% stated in Dharma's details.As always I was highly pleased w the quality service provided by Dharma from the moment of placing my order through the regular status updates till the moment of delivery only days later!
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5 star rating
I don't know if I will be able to live without this fabric in my stash ever again. I bought 10 more yards of the 54" Organza & can barely wait to get started on it.I made a wedding veil (two really - "I went to school" on the first one & had to order more fabric - Dharma got it to me ASAP of course). I prewashed the first one but not the second. The stiffness of the unwashed fabric made applying decoration MUCH easier.I used water-soluble interfacing behind the fabric while in the hoop to stabilize it. Another layer over the fabric is also good. The weave gets pushed around by the hoop edges ('tease' the fibers back to the proper place with a fingertip not a nail!). A second layer of interfacing seems to prevent this problem better.I used my embroidery machine to apply 28 motifs as a border 6" deep all the way around the edge (rayon thread). I applied 1150 (glass crystal & shell) beads by hand.I washed out the interfacing before tea-dying in 130F water tea-dyed the veil next & got it WAY too dark. I lightened it with beauty supply store hair bleach to the perfect shade of ecru! I laid the veil flat to dry. Gentle arrangment of the wet fabric to keep the fabric grainline true is important.After the Organza is washed it drapes like dream!This would be a perfect fabric to make Edwardian style clothing with.
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5 star rating
Lovely fabric whether you dye it or use it as interfacing or try any other art with it. Personally need to test more with the Procion Dyes as this will dye much darker ('black') than other silks in the same dye bath
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4 star rating
Good value for the money. Excellent lininginterlining fabric.
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5 star rating
Two for the price of one "pressing cloths" compared to buying one packaged as a "pressing cloth".
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