baby Buccaneer Costume

Arrrrrr matey! We went all out on this one! We realize it is complicated with a long materials list, but you may already have some of this at home. Take from it what you will!

The Baby Buccaneer is wearing the Children's Wide Brim Sun Hat, and the Infant Short Sleeved Tee. all dyed with Procion #44 Better Black. The waist sash is the Habotai Silk Scarf 8"x54" dyed with Procion #10 Fire Red. The Pull On Pants and stripes were painted using Jacquard Textile. The Cotton Interlock Snap on Bib was painted with Jacquard Textile Colors in red and black. The skull and crossbones is outlined with Glow in the Dark Paint. The long sleeved Infant T has been left as is.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Prewash all garments in Synthrapol and allow time to dry.

Step 2: For Bib: With the Identipen, either trace or draw a design you like onto the cotton.

identipen to trace

Step 3: Using the red Jacquard Textile Colors paint and a brush, paint the edge binding of the bib and let dry.

Paint the edge red

Step 4: Using the black Jacquard Textile Colors paint and a brush, paint the background of the bib right up to the red border and skeleton design and allow to dry. After drying, iron bib 3 minutes overall to make the paint permanent and washable.

Black for the background

Step 5: Optional: outline the skeleton with the Glow Paint, let dry, and cure for 72 hours (before ever washing the bib).

Glow paint for the skull outline

Step 6: Using a stiff cardboard, and making it a tight fit, slide the Pull On Pants over the cardboard so that the entire width of the pants and legs are stretched flat.

Stretch pants so they paint easier

Step 7: Using the black Jacquard Textile Colors paint, make stripes any size you like. We painted the stripes about one inch wide and one inch apart. Paint stripes on both sides (front and back) of the Pull On Pants. Allow to dry. Heatset with an iron as with bib.

Black stripes down pants

Step 8: Using Procion MX #44 (Better Black, hot water, Soda Ash Fixer, and salt as per the Procion "Getting a Good Solid Black" directions), dye the hat, booties and short sleeved t-shirt.

Procion for shirt, hat and booties

NOTE: Sorry folks, our shipment of the Wide Brim Sun Hats came in not sewn with cotton thread and therefore the thread did not dye. We used the Identipen in black and inked over the thread making it black. This is optional. You might like the stitching staying white after the black dye bath.

Step 9: Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the edges of the dyed black Infant Short Sleeved T into zigzag ragged points.

Trim shirt sleeves for worn look

Step 10: To make the Children's Wide Brim Sun Hat look like a "pirate hat": Pinch the center front brim together to make it pointed. Run a few stitches in black thread through the 2 layers of the front brim. Then stitch the center back of the brim to the crown of the hat at the center back with a few thread stitches.

Pinch hat and stitch in place for pirate hat look

Step 11: For the Red Waist Sash: Using Procion MX dye #10 (Fire Red, lukewarm water, Soda Ash Fixer, and salt as per the Procion Silk Dyeing Instructions), dye the Habotai Silk Scarf. The scarves come with rolled hems. If the scarf, when tied, is too long, you can hem it to the right size or cut the ends in a zigzag pattern or cut the scarf and let the ends fray like real pirates wore them!

Procion for sash

Finished example

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