Creating a Lavender Wand

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Enjoy the first breath of spring with beautiful and fragrant lavender wands. Its like aromatherapy and silk ribbon color explosion of the senses at the same time! The hand painted silk ribbon combined with fresh lavender gives you pleasure in the weaving and satisfaction in the end product. Use them as a sachet or as design accent in your home. If you really love someone you can give a few as a gift!



1. Cut and collect fresh lavender stems about 12" long, if possible. Use the freshest cut stems as older ones may be too dry and break easily. You will need an odd number of stems to make the wands, usually around 11 stems. It must be an odd number so they will weave together properly. (You can vary the size of the wand you want simply by using more or less stems).
Gather your lavender
2. Begin by taking off any extra greenery on the stems below the flowers so that you start with a clean stem.
Clean up the stems
3. Place the odd number of stems onto a flat surface lining up the lavender so that the flowers are even.
Gather them up with ribbon...
4. Using your Hand Painted Setacolor Silk Ribbon (see instructions), begin by tying the stems together at the point where the stem turns into the flower, using a square knot and leaving cut end of ribbon about 12-18 inches long. the point where the flowers end
5. Turn the tied flowers upside down and holding the flowers in your hand with the ribbon hanging over the flowers, gently begin to bend the stems down over the flowers. Let the 12-18 inch ribbon (the shorter one) hang in the middle of the stems - this will be used to make the tie at the end of the project.
Bend stems forward
6. As you bend the stems, take the long end of the ribbon and begin to weave it over, then under each stem as you bend them down evenly over the flowers. Keep the ribbon tight and close to the previous row above so you will completely enclose the flowers under the ribbon.
Weave your ribbon between stems
7. Continue to weave the ribbon around the wand until you come to the last of the flowers and then tie the long end of the ribbon to the short end you have been keeping inside the wand as you weave.
Tie off at the top
8. You can end your wand at this point by tying a pretty bow, or you can wrap the stem in the ribbon too. Just continue wrapping the stem around and around overlapping the ribbon as you go, keeping the short cut end of the ribbon inside the wrap. When you get to within an inch of the bottom of the shortest stem, tie the ribbon ends together with a square knot. Cut ribbon ends even and then cut the stems even as well. You can also embellish the ribbon ends with beads if you wish.
Wind the ribbon the rest of the way down

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