Halloween Table Decor

Decorations can make an evening and we have a way to get your guest swooning! We used one of our Copper Batik Tjaps (gracefully donated to the cause by Jaimi) to make a dinner table to remember. Now we know these Tjaps are unique so there is no way for you (in all your glory) to use the same one but if you happen to be a proud owner of one of these copper beauties, you can use it for a project like this that will yield results unique to your own home!

Shopping list:

Let's get started!

1. Pre-wash your runner and/or placemats in detergent and solid color dye your pieces according to the tub-dyeing instructions.
Note: We used #250 jet black, which requires 4X as much dye (we used a little more than that), LOTS of salt, and really hot water (between 150-180 degrees).

Get your decoration fabrics ready

2. If you do not have one of the Copper Batik Tjaps, you can print the design from the picture below (click the picture for a larger version) or create your own unique design. Transfer image to block. An easy way to do this is to slice through the paper with the cutter blade in the Linoleum Cutter Set and draw through the paper with a pen. (NOTE: Do small areas at a time or else you will end up with a puzzle to put back together.) Carve out all the blank areas between the lines, leaving the lines intact. These are the lines that will transfer to the placemat or runner.

Here is a copy of the tjap we used!

Cut out your stamp

3. Pour a generous amount of paint onto a plate or other flat surface such as a sheet of plastic glass (just make sure the surface will not absorb the paint).

Spread a thin layer of paint

4. Position your placemat or runner on a towel (a softer surface usually allows a much more uniform coverage of the paint, due to the slight variances in the surface of most Tjaps). If you are doing this without a Copper Tjap, we recommend using a hard surface for the stamp instead of a soft one.

5. Use a foam brush, roller, or rubber brayer if you are using the Speedy Cut Block to apply a generous coat of paint across the printable surface of the Tjap.

Use your roller/brayer

Apply even coat to stamp

6. Position the Tjap over the area you want to stamp and press down firmly. If you are using the Speedy Cut Block, be sure to press evenly across the stamp for a uniform coverage. Remove the Tjap (be sure to hold the fabric down as you lift the Tjap off the fabric, so as not to smudge the wet paint) and let the paint dry flat overnight.

Press down firmly, without lifting rock to get all edges

Lift up while holding fabric down

Let paint dry overnight

7. Use a deco fabric marker to highlight or accent any parts of the image that you want and allow the image to dry again.

Use a fabric marker to highlight any parts you want


8. Use an iron set to the cotton/linen setting. Iron both sides of the placemat or runner for at least 30 seconds per side to properly set the paint.

9. Use the runner and/or placemats to adorn your table and throw a "SPOOK-tacular" Halloween Dinner Party!

Iron to heat-set and enjoy!

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