Scrunch Dyed T-Shirt

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How to Make Your Scrunch Dyed T-Shirt (another low water dyeing technique!):

Scrunch it up and dye it. It's that simple, really, and the results are great!

Step 1: Thoroughly wet and wring out shirt.

Step 2: Tightly pack shirt into a 16 oz. cup creating as many folds and wrinkles as possible.

Tightly scrunch damp shirt into cup

Step 3: Spoon about 2 tsp. of each color dye into 2 separate cups, add a small amount of water to make a paste, then add about 1 cup of water to each cup making sure the dye is thoroughly dissolved.

Paste up two colors

Step 4: With a container of dye in each hand slowly pour equal amounts of dye down the opposite sides of the cup, filling cup almost to top.

Pour dyes into each side

Step 5: Without disturbing the folds of the shirt, gently push in a up and down motion to get the dye distributed throughout the shirt.

Lightly squish shirt up and down

Step 6: Place another cup into the "cup of shirt" and weigh it down to keep the shirt scrunched.

Place weight on top of the shirt to keep the folds

Step 7: Leave overnight.

Step 8: Mix about 3 TBSP of soda ash into about 1 cup of hot water, mix to dissolve.

Step 9: Pour the above fixer over "cup of shirt" and let sit for about 1 hour.

Step 10: Pour out dye/fixer solution and wash shirt with cold water and cap full of Kieralon. Then wash again with warm water.

Step 11: Dry the shirt and you're ready to go!


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