Silk Cut Velvet Scarf and Bag Tutorial

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Hi, Judi! Great bag and scarf!


  1. Cut Silk Velvet Scarf 9"x54" with fringe in abstract design (#SCVS9)
  2. Cut Silk Velvet Bag- Large (#CVBAG)
  3. Procion dye colors New Emerald Green and Lilac (#PR-30, #PR-19A)
  4. Soda Ash (#FIX1)
  5. Container to hold pieces (glass, stainless steel, plastic or enamel)
  6. Milsoft
  7. Kieralon

How to instructions:

1. Thoroughly wet and wring out velvet scarf and bag.

2. Slowly fold scarf into container, letting it fall as it may. Do the same with the bag.

3. In a 16 oz. cup measure out 2 teaspoons of #30A, add a small amount of water to make a paste, then add about 10 oz. of water. In another cup measure about 1 teaspoon #19A, add water to make a paste, then add about 6 oz. water.

Flippantly fold scarf into bin and get dyes ready

4. Slowly pour the green dye over two thirds of the scarf and bag making sure to thoroughly soak the pieces. Slowly pour the lilac dye over the remaining one third of the pieces and gently push with gloved fingers to make sure the dye has penetrated the fiber. Let sit overnight.

Slowly add dyes as you please, be sure to soak the piece

5. Mix about 1/3 cup of Soda Ash fixer into about 12 oz. of hot water and stir to dissolve. Gently pour the mix into the container but not directly onto the velvet. Again push with gloved fingers to make sure fixer has penetrated the fiber. Let sit 1 hour.

Add soda ash solution into container -not directly onto fabric

6. Rinse both the scarf and bag in warm running water until water runs clear. Hand wash using about 1 teaspoon of Kieralon in a basin of water. Pour about 2 tablespoons of Milsoft into a basin of warm water and soak pieces for about 15 minutes. Rinse again.

7. Gently wring out and hang onto a line or rod to air dry. Finger comb the fringes so they don't tangle. Let dry.

8. If you want the panne velvet look, iron the velvet on the non-pile side (as seen on website), if not, just use when dry.

Finished project

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