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Spray Dyed Devore Satin Scarf

by Judi

  • 15” x 60” Devore Satin Scarf Bamboo pattern with Fringe (DCS15)
  • 3 2 oz. Procion dyes (PR 51 Plum Blossom, PR 19A Lilac, PR28A Aqua Marine)
  • 1 lb. Soda Ash (FIX1)
  • 3 Pump Pressure Spray Bottles (PSN)
  • Synthrapol, pint (SYNPT) You can also use Dharma Professional Textile Detergent (PTD)
  • Milsoft 16 oz. (MS16)
1. In a small container (about 16 oz size) dissolve about 1/4 cup of Soda Ash fixer in about 10 oz of hot water.
2. Soak the scarf in the fixer for about 5 minutes.
3. In 3 plastic cups, measure about 2 teaspoons of each dye color into them. Add a tiny amount of water to make a paste, then add enough water to make about 8 oz of dye liquid.
4. Pour into the Pump Pressure Spray bottles, one for each color, and using the fine sprayer tip, pump the sprayer until the pressure is such that you can depress the nozzle and dye will spray out in a steady stream.
5. Remove the scarf from the fixer and squeeze out excess Soda Ash. On a plastic coated surface or table arrange the scarf in a loosely formed scrunch pattern.
6. Starting with one color, gently spray in a wavy pattern across the scarf leaving room for the other 2 colors. Spray each color until the entire scarf and fringe is covered with the dye. There will be some white areas where the scrunching of the scarf is laying on the table, this is good, it will give more contrast to the design.
7. Lightly cover scarf with plastic and let sit overnight (about 24 hours).
8. In a basin, hand wash scarf with about 2 teaspoons of Synthrapol.
9. Using about 3 tablespoons of Milsoft in about 16 oz of water, soak the scarf for about 20 minutes (this is to restore the soft hand of the fiber and untangle the fringe).
10. Gently rinse again in cool water, squeeze out excess moisture and carefully untangle the fringe with your fingers. Hang dry, then iron on silk setting on wrong side of scarf (side without the satin).

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