Christmas Outfit

Shopping list:

  • Christmas Reindeer Graphic
  • T-Shirt & Pants
  • Dharma Trading's Super Soft Inkjet Transfer Paper
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine
  • Spray Adhesive

Let's get started!

I can't believe that December is almost here! Here's a sweet and easy Christmas outfit.....

Finished project 1

....the result of a fun collaboration with Keren from Free Pretty Things for You! Keren has the sweetest vintage artwork and images on her website as well as some fun DIY tutorials! I love seeing what other people have done with the images she has offered as downloads many ideas!

Keren shared image idea

Keren sent me this adorable Christmas reindeer to use in a tutorial and you can download it from her site by clicking the small image below! Thank you Keren!

Keren sent this vintage reindeer

This outfit is super easy to make because you can take an existing t-shirt and a pair of pants and embellish them with minimal sewing! A great way to make coordinated, inexpensive outfits for Christmas card photos!

To make the shirt:

First I printed off a large image of the reindeer onto Dharma Trading's Super Soft Inkjet Transfer Paper (see tutorials on transferring the images here).

Print to transfer paper in reverse

I trimmed around the image as in my other transfer tutorials and ironed it onto the t-shirt. If you are using a dark colored shirt you can transfer the image to a light colored piece of fabric and applique it to the shirt instead:

Iron on a hard, flat surface

To make the pants:

First, I started with a plain pair of pants that would coordinate with the top and reindeer images. I made this particular pair for Boo but any store bought pair of knit pants, jeans or even a skirt will do!

Any pants you have will do - even jeans!

Using Adobe Photoshop Elements I made a small repeat of the reindeer image to transfer to some plain white fabric:

Made this miniature version of the reindeer

I cut the reindeer repeat into small strips and cut the white knit (you could use regular white woven fabric as well) into long strips slightly wider than the images and long enough to wrap around a pant leg. Then I ironed the images onto the fabric:

And ironed them onto thin strips of fabric!

My finished strips of reindeer:

They turned out great

I sprayed fabric spray adhesive to the back of the strips......

Some adhesive and add some color...

....and laid them across a large piece of red knit:

...I chose this colorful scrap fabric I had laying around

With the strips secure, I cut the red fabric so it formed a 1/2" border around the white knit:

Cut it a bit wider for more texture

Starting at the bottom inside of one leg of the pants, I stitched along the bottom of the white knit to attach it:

And we're ready to sew!

Then I carefully stitched the other side:

Loving the frilly add!

Finished reindeer trim!

Finished project 2

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