Graffiti Sneakers

My daughter is outgrowing shoes so fast I can barely keep up! Now I just stock up on plain converse style sneakers and we decorate them ourselves to make one-of-a-kind, personalized "art" for her feet. We get compliments on them wherever we go! People always ask her to stop so they can read the words.

Shopping list:

  • Jones Tones Glittery 3-D paints
  • Sharpies and fabric markers
  • Acrylic paints or fabric paints
  • Canvas Shoes
  • Note from Dharma: (Note from Dharma - the fabric paints that work the best for this kind of project on BLACK shoes are opaque - we recommend Lumiere/Neopaque, Setacolor Opaque, or Decoart Opaque. For white shoes, ANY of our fabric paints that are for cotton, and all of our markers will work. Don't forget the Hotfix Child safe Rhinestones, Nailheads and Rhinestuds for extra glitz!)

Let's get started!

For this pair of graffiti shoes I started with a plain pair of black shoes:

Plain is boring

Step 1: I covered the edges of the white rubber with scotch tape (which sticks well to rubber)....

Cover places for paint protection

....and then added the masking tape to cover the larger areas. I put crumpled up paper towels in the inside to keep paint out.

Protect all the things!

Step 2: I used gesso to cover the shoes in white splotches, but you can use white acrylic or fabric paint.

Get splotchy with it

Messy is good

Step 3: I started randomly covering the shoes in various bright colors.....

Bright colored messy is better!

......and adding some white back in.

Mix it up

Step 4: I brought out the sharpies:

Sharpie time!

I added words around the shoes in black marker and then used different color sharpies to color around them.

Let your graffiti flag fly

Add more outlines!

Step 5: I used a small paint brush to keep adding in bright colors. The key is to just keep layering and changing your mind on words and graffiti. Great graffiti is made of layers over layers over layers!

Funk it up

Break off a peace

It got funky in here

Step 6: I used a silver metallic sharpie to clean up some of the edges of my images and words.

Can't say no to more Sharpies!

Step 7: Once the main portions of the shoes were finished I used a glitter puffy paint and made rows of dots along the toe (note: you will have to scuff the toes and prime first for the paint to stick).....

Glitter Puffy Paint? Yes, please!

...and randomly around the shoes. Let these dry and they will be a big glob of shiny glitter!

Such shiny

The finished shoes!

Much bling



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