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I'm starting to wrap some gifts for the holidays and I used some pretty hand painted ribbon that Boo and I made a few weeks back.

To paint the ribbon I used Setacolor transparent fabric paints (I have a started set from Dharma Trading, same set I used in the Grouchy Ladybug applique). The paints are very thin but rich in color. They are also very soft to the touch when dry. You can use a little bit of fixer if you would like to skip the ironing step...but I like ironing the ribbon nice and flat after it's been painted.

I used this bias cut 1/2" silk habotai ribbon from Dharma roll goes a LONG way since it is so thin. But I love how silky it is and the edges fray just slightly for a very unique look. I only ended up using about a 1/4 roll for this project.

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