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We have reusable bags to dye for! Nylon mesh produce bags are dyeable (with Acid Dyes), strong, reuseable, stretchy and better than all those plastic bags for the environment. They are extremely light weight so they won't increase the price of your veggies. Everything under the sun fits in these boss little bags that are just ripe for the addition of colors by you! Available in two sizes and sold in packages of six bags. They all come with a silk drawstring to cinch the top closed. Both bag and string dye beautifully with Acid Dyes. Color coordinate your veggies!

Pair them up with some of our canvas shopping bags and help make a difference! Of course, these babies can also make great gift bags when you don't mind the transparency. Since they are mesh these do tend to fray in the wash so to show some love and prolong the life of your bag we recommend hand washing and line drying.

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Made in: CHINA (CN)

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I love these bags. What a great incentive to go green! I dyed mine with acid dyes after soaking them in vinegar and nuked them in the microwave to set the colors. They are so pretty. I take them to my local grocery and I'll tell you lots of heads turn. The vegetables seem to last longer in them as well. The large bags will hold a pound of asparagus or 4 Broccoli heads with room to spare.
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Like the earlier reviewer I dyed my bags using the microwave. It was totally easy and gave awesome results with the Dharma Acid Dyes! I put three bags into a medium glass bowl and filled it with hot tap water then added 14c white vinegar. I mixed 14tsp dye with hot water then added it to the bowl and stirred it up. I microwaved on high for 2 minutes stirring at 1 minute. I used red yellow and blue acid dye to make all 6 rainbow colors. The red turned out pink instead of bright red but the others are all deep beautiful colors. Very little clean-up and to dye bags in each of 6 colors took me less than an hour!
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I wish I had purchased the larger size or that they came in a pack of 3 large and 3 small.
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These are awesome! I am so glad to NOT to be using and tossing into the landfills my plastic bags from the market. These are strong soft and light weight- I can see my stuff in it. The checkers at the markets I shop love them too!
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these bags didn't keep lettuce as fresh as I hoped. Even romaine Lettuce started to get wilty after a few days. still feel they are a great way to get produce at the supermarket bring home and put into better fresh storage.
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