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Melting Skillet

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Product Description

Whether your project is big or small and you're using either glue or wax, we have just what you need. You can use the small 4" skillet for quick and easy projects or if you're a beginner this one is perfect for experimenting. We also have a 7" skillet with a temperature control knob for larger more complex projects that require precision. 

The MS4 has a constant temperature setting of 350°F

MS7 temperature settings:

Setting 1 is a warm setting
Setting 2 heats to approx. 230°F
Setting 3 heats to approx. 320°F
Setting 4 heats to approx. 356°F
Setting 5 heats to approx. 410°F

Made in: CHINA (CN)

2 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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Be careful if you use the 4" skillet for wax. Medium-temperature glue sticks melt at 230 F and wax melts at 140-170. The 4" skillet has no temperature control. I'd only use the 7" one for wax.
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I got the 4 inch pot. It is 2.5 inches inside diameter.Using soy wax with it I like to brush and use my own wire stamps (say like a spiral shape) but you probably cant fit a potato masher into it. Between quick work and adding more wax I don't have to unplug it too much for getting overly hot.I like it a lot as it is so small and doesn't take up much space.
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