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  1. Pour Mordant into the henna powder bottle.
  2. Mix with wooden mixing stick.
  3. Pour Eucalyptus oil into the mix.
  4. Mix very thoroughly for 5 minutes.
  5. Let the mixture age for 45 minutes.
  6. Stir briefly before use.
  7. Use within 24 hours for best results.
  8. Screw metal applicator tip onto henna bottle.

If it is difficult to squeeze out paste, The addition of a few drops of water may be necessary.

Thoroughly wash skin before applying henna.
This removes lotion, body oils, and old skin which act as a barrier to the henna stain.

Apply henna to skin.
Gently squeeze the applicator bottle to release the henna.
Avoid touching the skin with applicator tip.

If nib gets clogged, use the straight pin to remove debris.

Let henna dry on skin. (10 to 15 minutes)
Moisten the design by lightly applying the citrus/sugar solution with a cotton ball. This will set the henna for a long lasting and darker color. Do not over saturate the design with the citrus/sugar solution as this will dilute and spread the henna and fine lines will thicken. Once the henna assumes a black and glazey appearance, you can reduce or stop the application of the citrus/sugar solution.

Leave henna on skin as long as possible, (up to 12 hours for the best results) to set and darken the design.
3 hours of set time usually results in a dark solid color.

Remove the henna with a cotton ball and vegetable oil.
Avoid wetting the area for a day. Color will darken overnight.

If you are prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, do a small test design and wait a day before proceeding with something more elaborate.

Good luck, and have fun!


Test the applicator flow on a paper towel. Soak the metal applicator tip in hot water to avoid clogging between use.

Start with a simple design and then add complexity.

Improvise, change a drawing mistake into part of the design.

Remember henna stains, work carefully. Keep it off your hands and finger nails (use gloves), your clothes, porcelain sinks, and counter tops.

Leave the henna paste on for up to 12 hours for the best (darkest) results. If you plan to go to bed before removing the henna paste, wrap the area with a paper towel and tape the protect the design and avoid staining your bedding.

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