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Presist™ Instructions For Usage

Presist is a fume free water based resist that combines the crisp resist line look of wax and gutta with the safety and convenience of a starch paste resist. It also has a myriad more uses than just drawing lines for the Serti Silk painting technique. It can also be stenciled on, screened, block printed, painted with a brush, etc. Used for "faux" batik when you don't want to work with hot, fumey wax, as with children's projects. (It will not crackle like wax, however.) Areas where Presist is applied will resist the fabric paint or dye, retaining the color of your base fabric.

Basic Presist Directions

1) On a flat fabric surface, draw your design with a soft pencil or Vanishing Fabric Marker then apply Presist over your design lines; you can also apply the Presist freehand using a Gutta Applicator, Fine Line Applicator, Squeeze Bottle, brush, stamp or sponge. Or, silk screen or stencil it on, or stamp it on with a fancy copper Batik Tjap!

2) Let the Presist AIR DRY uncovered, DO NOT put in a dryer to speed up dry time.

3) When your Presist covered surface is completely dry to the touch (not tacky), brush, stamp silk screen, stencil, sponge etc., your paints or thickened dyes onto the fabric. It's important to use paints and dyes that are compatible with the fabric you are using.

4) After your paint or dye is thoroughly dried, fix it according to the product directions. Presist can withstand steaming and heat setting.

5) After the paint/dye has been properly set, remove Presist from fabric by soaking in plain water of any temperature and then washing the fabric. The rinsing process used for dyes will remove any remaining Presist from the fabric.

Discharging With Presist And Jacquard’s Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon Dyes

1) Paint cotton or silk with un-thickened Liquid Procion H dyes.

2) Let fabric dry - Let SILK the dry only to the touch (silk must be just barely dry in order to discharge to the lightest color.) COTTON will discharge well to up to 2 to 3 hours after drying.
Note: Most Procion H colors will discharge to very light colors or off-white. Toning Black will discharge to light grays and off white and Deep Black discharges to a light blue.

3) Apply the Presist to the fabric using the method of your choice and let it dry.

4) When the Presist has dried completely, steam set Jacquard’s Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon Dyes according to the directions.

5) After steam setting your dye, follow the rinsing procedure for the Jacquard’s Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon Dyes according to the directions. Your discharged design will appear once the Presist is washed off.

6) After rinsing is completed, dip the fabric in a neutralizing solution made up of ¼ cup White Vinegar to 1 gallon water. Agitate gently for 5 to 10 minute in this solution.
Note: This solution may be re-used many times, as long as it remains clean. Simply cover, label clearly and store away from children and pets)

7) Remove fabric from vinegar solution and rinse thoroughly with water; squeeze out excess moisture and hang to dry. For larger pieces and/or yardage use your washing machine's rinse and spin cycle for this final step.

Additional Technical Information:

Do not rinse or soak fabric with Presist on it until after the fabric paint or dye has been fixed or the resist lines will dissolve. Presist will NOT work in immersion dye baths.

Variations in design can be achieved by thinning Presist with water and applying paint or dye over the areas covered with the thinned Presist. The paint or dye will partially penetrate the thinned Presist into the fabric and create shadowed images. You can also use a thinner dye solution that will also seep through the Presist onto the fabric for even more interesting effects.

When steam setting your dyes we recommend wrapping your fabric with blank newsprint; if the newsprint sticks to the Presist, it can be easily removed during the rinsing process.

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