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Want instant gratification? Don't have a lot of time? New at silk painting?

Using COLORHUE dyes is easy, fast and efficient because they require no setting procedures like heat, curing, or chemicals, and there is no powder mixing. The only additive needed is plain tap water to dilute the concentrated liquid colors to the desired shade.

COLORHUE is a concentrated dye approximately 15 to 20 drops of the concentrated dye in a 1/2 cup of water will make a medium color. But do not expect to acheive the results that artists achieve with professional silk dyes and steaming. Black is the most difficult color - more of a maroony eggplant. Great for beginners and classes, quick projects.

This Colorhue Silk Dye Set is a great way to try out this dye. includes ten .5 oz bottles of concentrated dye in assorted colors along with instructions and technique suggestions. Works well on silk, wool, and we even got instant color on some celulose fibers like cotton, rayon, linen and hemp, but we recommend testing!

Kit contains:

  • Ten .5 oz. bottles of Colorhue Dye (Rose, Canary Yellow, Electric Blue, Turquoise, Brown, Emerald Green, Black, Goldenrod, Eggplant, Pumpkin)
  • Complete instructions and technique suggestions


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These dyes are expensive but are super easy to use and give great results. I use them almost exclusively for silk and find them fast and free of frustration. They produce predictable results once you have a feel for them. Silk takes up the dye so rapidly that there is almost no wait time. The longer you leave the silk in the dye solution the more efficient the dye use becomes leaving entirely clear water if fabric is left in several hours ( 100% dye into fabric none left in solution) although it is close even in short periods (15 minutes). Color is picked up immediately and gets more concentrated as you wait so one can ambre shade a single color easily just by dipping and slowly pulling out of the solution over a period of a few minutes. The black is as stated the poorest of the colors more like an eggplant than true black so look elsewhere if black is your color. If you are looking for beautiful hues of pinks oranges greens and yellows these are the best super easy to mix and no fuss. The more the dye is concentrated in solution the more rapidly it transfers to fabric in my experience so be sure to include notes on timing if you keep dye ratio records to refer back to for repeat batches. I do not recommend these for large fabric quantities due to expense but for small lots ( like silk ribbon) they could not be better. Tip: Buy the starter set and then larger bottles of your favorites to get a good balance for the cost I use much more of the warm colors than the others and a little goes a long way even in the small size if used sparingly (so as not to send alot out in the waste.) In other words give the silk time to pick up the color from a weaker batch rather than load a concentrated solution for fast dye such that you send color down the drain.
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Perfect for what it does: These are the what I use for small pieces and instant gratification. I've had best luck with 6" to one foot square simple dyeing in paper cups. I get very quick feedback on processes like resists mixing and removing color. I can take that knowledge to larger pieces bigger dye vats and more complicated processes.
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I just purchased these after doing a quick local lesson. I love this it works exactly as I wanted it to do. I can control depth of color and obtain results that astonish myself. Thank-you
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I have been using Colorhue dyes for years. They are great for silk - truly instant set no steaming or cooking required. I've taught a lot of silk dyeing classes with it - great for kids. It's more expensive than the acid dyes that use heat but for some applications it is definitely worth it.
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They worked as promised. Better on the silk than on the felted wool but I was able to get deep colors using a more concentrated amount of dye. This has changed my whole approach to dyeing silk.
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