Dupont Microwave Dyeing Kit

For Wool and Silk!

USE FOR: Microwave Dyeing

USE ON: Protein fibers like Silk, wool, hair (fur), etc.

Dupont Microwave Dyeing Kit
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Some kits contain vinegar, some contain another dye. Stock may be mixed.
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Some kits contain vinegar, some contain another dye. Stock is mixed and we have no control over what you may get.

Dupont French Silk Dyes are very popular throughout the world and are used by many professional silk artists because of the wide color range and intensity of colors offered, the permanence of the dye, and the superior way they lend themselves to salt and watercolor techniques. These dyes are very concentrated so for best results be sure to read the included pamphlet. 

This kit is designed for microwave dyeing method and does not need steam setting to fix and comes with:

4 - 50 ml H. Dupont steam set dyes (colors may vary but typically include: Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue)

1 - 3 ml pipette

1 - Instruction Pamphlet 

This is a great way to yield amazing results without much effort. So easy to use. Perfect gift idea for loved ones!



Made in: FRANCE (FR)

Some kits contain vinegar, some contain another dye. Stock may be mixed.


H. Dupont Microwave Dyeing Kit

Important to remember:

The Classique H Dupont dyes are used only on animal fibers, do not apply them on viscose, polyester, etc.

Materials Needed:
~2 oz. of white vinegar
2 microwave safe bowls
Rubber bands, sinew, or twine
Rubber Gloves

Getting Started:
Fill the dish with hot water and add the vinegar (about 1 tablespoon per liter of water). This water/vinegar bath can be reused several times. Soak the silk in the vinegar/water solution and then wing it lightly. Place the wet silk in the microwave safe dish and sprinkle it with the graduated dropper (or a tablespoon) with one or several colors of dye. While wearing gloves, make sure the color(s) penetrate well into the fabric. Place the dish with the colored silk into the microwave along with a small bowl filled about 3/4 full of water. Heat for 2 minutes at 800 watts. Repeat this step twice. Take the silk out of the microwave, the silk should be dry at this point, and without untying the fabric, rinse under water to remove excess dye. Untie the silk and continue rinsing with lukewarm water until water runs clear. Iron the silk while still damp to remove folds and wrinkles. With this technique steaming is not necessary.

*Please note: We strongly suggest you wear gloves during this whole process.

*These cooking times are indicative, they are proportional to the quantity of the dyed silk. It is necessary to check that the dye is holding before rinsing by soaking a test piece in the water to see if the color runs out.

*During the soaking and dyeing process, keep the silk wet. The only time it should be dry is after it has been "cooked" in the microwave

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5 star rating
I bought this kit after spent two days reading about all products Dharma sells. It was the first time I would dye something so I had no idea how my endeavor would end up. I need to dye to dye mohair locks merino top and a silk scarf. I planned to make a very unique nuno felting scarf . Then I chose this kit because three important things: qualityeasy to mess with and the price and yesterday I did my first session and I love it!!! These colors are beautiful VERY concentrate so I needed to use a few drops to get the pastel colors I wanted. Microwave four times with level .7 - 4 minutes each time. to dye two silk scarves and 10 grams of mohair locks. Watch out the black. It is TOO b lack. Easy to ruin everything. The vinegar isn't concentrate (LOL) so it will finish way before the dyes but you can buy a bigger bottle from any grocery store.
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24 of 28 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
So easy to use. Fun and simple to mix to achieve just the right colors for my project
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13 of 16 users found this review helpful.

4 star rating
Love the kit. I do small batch feather dying and this works well. The only issue is that it does not come with nearly enough Vinegar. And the vinegar is 7% and not 5% which is what we have in the US as household white vinegar.
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4 star rating
Easy to use. Made some scarves for their mom with my grandboys aged 8 and 10. They came out well. Will try some more advanced designs on my ow soon.
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5 star rating
These work very well. The colors take just fine and don't run. They are very concentrated and I found that if I followed the instructions I had trouble controlling the color. Still love the convenience! I highly recommend.
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2 of 2 users found this review helpful.

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