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Indigo Dye Kit
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The Indigo Dye Kit - Bringing ancient craft to contemporary fashion. [Instructions Manual]

Natural Indigo, and Synthetic Indigo, takes a considerable amount of effort to get it into a working dye bath. First off, it is not soluble in water. It has to be ground, pasted up, then most recipes call for reducing it chemically with Sodium Hydrosulfite or Lye (nasty stuff). It is very involved and can be time consuming. As an alternative, try this Synthetic Indigo (chemically identical to natural Indigo) Kit! The packet of indigo has been pre-reduced chemically, then dried, so it dissolves in water right off the bat. Indigo dyeing is one of the oldest (thousands of years!) dye procedures used for coloring fabrics and the one still used today to color blue jeans. The unique characteristics of indigo dyeing make it easy to create wonderful resist patterns on fabric. This kit brings the ancient art of indigo dyeing to the home dyer in a user friendly formulation. With a resurgence of interest in indigo and ethnic patterning in the fashion world, this kit is sure to be a winner! Because of the fact that the dye has to be reduced to get it into solution, and oxidized to have it turn blue again, it is a fun science project too!

A unique feature of this kit is that it is not a one time dyeing experience. The dye vat can keep up to several weeks and dye more than 15 yards or 5 pounds of fabric or 15 shirts. This allows the dyer several sessions to experiment and discover the magic of indigo! Indigo is for use with natural fabrics and clothing that haven't been treated with any finishes.

Each kit contains:

You'll also need:

Kit ingredients are also available separately so you can continue dyeing with indigo.
For more dye refer to pre-reduced indigo crystals, #PRIC, and the reducing agent is a mixture of about 70% soda ash (#FIX) and 30% sodium hydrosulfite (#JACSH).



Indigo Tie-Dyeing by Jacquard

Jacquard Products' Indigo Tie Dye Kit

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5 star rating
I've dyed with natural indigo before also from Dharma. But this kit is the BOMB. Gets a fairly dark color (could redip more times next time) and is easy and will dye as much fabric as advertised. Great fun for the money and I will use it again. Instructions are clear even for me and I'm not very experienced at dyeing.
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5 star rating
I dyed capris four adult tops and two children's tops using this kit. They all turned out great. Easy to use.
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5 star rating
Fun quick and easy kit to get started and give Indigo a try.
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5 star rating
This is a very easy way to get started with indigo or try out shibori techniques. You need to be very careful about getting the "bloom" out -- if you squeeze your fabric in or above the vat as you're lifting it out that will put more bloom in which will cause your next dipping to dye unevenly. I used a tin pie plate to get it out before each dipping. The other thing the instructions don't say is to paste up the additives with a little bit of water before putting them in -- don't just put the dry stuff into the indigo vat. One of them is very granular and needs some time being mixed with water.
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4 star rating
Easy and fun way to play with indigo without having to mess with lye. I've been having so much fun with this.
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