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Jacquard's Cyanotype Set makes DIY cyanotype printing as easy as can be. The chemistry comes premeasured in lightproof black bottles.

Fill each bottle with water to create solutions A & B and mix the two to create the cyanotype sensitizer. Coat fabric or paper with the sensitizer and, once dry, create prints by exposing to sunlight or UV (3-15 minutes, depending on conditions), using objects or a film negative to create an image.

After exposure, prints are processed in a tray of cool water and allowed to air dry over about 24 hours; prints will oxidize to their final deep blue color. To instantly oxidize the print to its final color, submerge in a dilute bath of hydrogen peroxide after washing, then rinse and dry.

This cyanotype set contains enough chemistry to make approximately sixty-five 8.5" x 11" prints on paper or fifty 8.5" x 11" prints on fabric.

Kit includes:

In addition to the instructions, seen above, here are some more interesting reads from Jacquard.

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I used this product with my photography class and loved it! The best results were achieved with exposure on a sunny day using a contact proofer. We used 2 methods one with laying objects directly on the paper and the other using digital negatives. If you want darker blues Add some peroxide to the rinse water after the cyanotype solution has been rinsed out.
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This was easy the directions were clear and I got some stunning results.
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The set was incredibly easy to use! I was using cyanotype for the first and found the instructions very easy to follow. So fun!!
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