FabricMate Permanent Superfine Fabric Markers

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00 Colorless (25BL)
10 Black (250A)
11 Red (250B)
12 Blue (250C)
13 Green (250D)
14 Brown (250E)
Superfine Marker - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out.
15 Orange (250NF)
16 Yellow (250G)
18 Magenta (25NM)
Superfine Marker - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out.
19 Peacock Blue (250S)
20 Purple (250V)
21 Grey (250N)
23 Strawberry (25PP)
Superfine Marker - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out.
27 Mist Grey (25PN)
28 Lime Squeeze (25ZN)
Superfine Marker - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out.
30 Sky Blue (25FS)
31 Violet (25FV)
32 Neon Orange (25FF)
33 Neon Pink (25FP)
34 Alizarin Crimson (25AB)
35 Cobalt Blue (25AC)
47 Turquoise (25NC)
48 Sea Green (25ND)
49 Orchid (25NP)
50 Midnight Blue (25NS)
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Yasutomo Fabricmate Superfine Markers:

We looked at a lot of fabric markers and chose these way back when, and they have been our best sellers now for decades.

Why? Because...

  • These fabric pens contain fabric dyes that are permanent without heat setting.
  • The colors mix together just like dyes.
  • They also have a unique tip that tapers to a superfine point so you can vary the thickness of your line by altering the angle of the pen.
  • They contain no toxic ingredients,and conform to ASTM D 4236.

Note: Our supplier receives shipments directly from Japan, when the supplier is out of stocks it can take up to a month to get them back in.

Fine Art Colors Set - Black, Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre, Viridian, Portrait Pink, and Cobalt Blue.
Fluorescent Colors Set - Neon Orange, Yellow, Violet, Lime, Neon Pink, and Sky Blue.
Pastel Colors Set - Mist Gray, Lavender, Dusty Rose, Strawberry, Suede, and Aqua.
Standard Colors Set - Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Brown, and Black.
Tropical Colors Set - Lemon, Apple Green, Magenta, Gray, Peacock Blue, and Purple.

Product Details List Price 1-4 5+
Artist Colors, Fluorescent Colors, Pastel Colors, Standard Colors, Tropical Colors $14.99 $11.59 10.79
Product Details Qty
6 Color Set - Artist Colors
6 Color Set - Fluorescent Colors
6 Color Set - Pastel Colors
6 Color Set - Standard Colors
6 Color Set - Tropical Colors
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these are the greatest pens aroundthey dont bleedthey are very workable for blending and saturation.they make great lines and fills.thank you vance
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Wonderful product. Performed better than I expected too. Great for lines. A
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17 of 17 users found this review helpful.

The color is wonderful - and the lines do not bleed - the ink does not last long so buy a few of the same color if you need to do more than a small area.
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16 of 16 users found this review helpful.

Used them for years to paint quilts potholders greeting cards etc. Have always thought they were the best on the market. I also use IDenti-Pens and Pentel Jell Rollers for tiny details.
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I was giving artist demonstrations decorating silk fans at a local Strawberry festival. Traditional silk dyes were not an option as I had no way to head set them on site. I decided to try the fabric markers instead and they worked perfectly for my needs. The colors are vibrant and bright and the pens were easy to use. I am planning to buy more soon!
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