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Fluorescent set of 6, IR Primary Set of 6, IR Fashion Set of 6, IR Tropical Set of 6 $47.95 $29.99
IR Set of 12 $112.95 $52.95
Stenciling Sampler $77.95 $55.95
Starter Pack $120.00 $65.95
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Fluorescent set of 6
IR Primary Set of 6
IR Fashion Set of 6
IR Tropical Set of 6
IR Set of 12
Starter Pack
Stenciling Sampler
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Shiva Paintstiks are real oil paint in a solid stick form, and can be used to embellish almost any type of fabric, leather, paper, wood, even metal and plastic!

On most surfaces they are permanent when dry, and on fabric a little extra heat setting does the trick. They open up great new opportunities for creating your own complex visual creations, and look fantastic as iridescent accents on already dyed cloth.

You can use them freehand, or with "rubbing plates" that allow you to create patterns easily and quickly. You can also use them with stencils, rubber stamps or masking. The book "Paintsticks on Fabric" gives lots of ideas and inspiration.

What better way to try out a new product than with a set! 3 sets to choose from, or better yet, a starter pack with 6 Paintstiks, the book "Paintstiks on Fabric", and a set of 6 Rubbing Plates.

  • The IR Primary Set of 6 contains the 6 colors: Red, Orange, Light Gold, Green, Blue, and Brown.
  • The IR Fashion Set of 6 contains the 6 colors: Pink, Purple, Turqoise, Pearl White, Charcoal, and Leaf Green.
  • The IR Fluorescent Set of 6 contains the 6 colors: Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, and Orange. All are black light reactive.
  • The IR Tropical Set of 6 contains the 6 colors: Jade, Sapphire, Magenta, Lime, Grape and Watermelon
  • The IR Set of 12 contains the 12 colors: Pearl White, Charcoal, Silver, Gold, Copper, Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Turquoise, Blue, and Purple.
  • The Starter Pack contains the 6 iridescent colors: Red, Orange, Light Gold, Green, Blue, Brown, a set of 6 Shiva Paintstik Rubbing Plates (#SPRP - RP3 - Leaves), a set of 4 paintstik brushes, and the book "Paintstiks on Fabric" (#BPOF).
  • The Rubbing Plate Sampler contains Iridescent Tropical Set of 6 Paintstiks (IRT6), Doodles Rubbing Plates (SPRP #RP8) and the "Rubbing Plate Roundup" book (BRPR).
  • The Stenciling Sampler contains Oak and Celebrate Stencil Sets (SPSS), a set of 4 paintstik brushes, Mini Classic and Mini Metallic Paintstik sets (SMPS), and the book "Paintstiks on Fabric" (BPOF).


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These are new to me. So far I'm having great fun experimenting. I've used them over dyed silk after setting dye and washing out the excess. I like the iridescent sticks over dyed silk because the luster is similar. I've found a way to use even the skin that forms on the outside of the sticks. By slitting the whole length and carefully peeling it off I can cut it into shapes and use them. I'll send you a jpeg when I finish the first piece I've made doing this.
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What can I say. These are amazing. My first experience with these was over 10 years ago while working in a hospital art therapy class. It is a paint but a paste and you have to work to but it where you want it - it doesn't run out of control. It is strong and can maintain it's color on so many surfaces - from delicate silk to sturdy wood. It is an amazing medium with a long work time The selection of colors available now is extensive and the only drawback is cost. However Shiva has come out with 13 size sticks in sets of 3 colors which make it more affordable to build up a collection of colors.
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These Shiva Paintsticks are wonderful. I recently found a pair of plastic molded ear rings with a grape motif in relief. I used the purple to color the grapes and the green for the leaves and they turned out beautifully and no longer look cheap!! The wonderful irridesent made these look great.
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