All-Purpose Ink

All-Purpose Ink
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USE FOR: marbling*, painting, stamping

USE ON: fabric, wood, paper, leather and other porous surfaces

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7 Thistle
10 Green Apple
11 Lemon Yellow
12 Tangerine
14 Poppy Red
15 Cherry Pink
16 Peony Purple
18 Ultramarine
19 Cerulean Blue
20 Tropical Lagoon
21 Emerald
22 Spring Green
33 Rose Pink
36 Wisteria
38 Sky Blue
40 Mint Green
52 Sand
53 Autumn Leaf
54 Chocolate
55 Truffle
57 Ash Rose
58 Sky Mist
60 Celadon
61 Burgundy
62 Midnight
63 Forest
66 Thyme
80 White
81 Cool Gray
82 Real Black
90 Banana Cream
91 Black Iris
92 Red Delicious
93 Blue Bayou
94 Heritage Pine
95 Tuscan Beige
96 Orchid Odyssey
97 Sedona Clay
98 Vintage Wine
70 Vegas Gold
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71 Platinum
72 Frost White
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73 Bright Copper
74 Champagne Mist
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When applying to fabrics, for best results the manufacturer recommends using 100% cotton or silk. We think it would probably work on any natural fiber with a smooth surface.

Heat set the inks with a hot iron (as hot as the fabric will withstand) for approximately 2 minutes per side.

Then let it sit for about a week to cure before washing.

Following these few steps you will be able to wash the material multiple times and not experience any fading.

A little goes a long way with this remarkable ink! All-Purpose Inks are available in 0.5 oz bottles, and of course they're archival and acid free.

Basic Technique:
Dip the tip of a Fantastix applicator into an API bottle to allow the ink to wick up into the barrel of the Fantastix.
Apply color by lightly gliding the loaded Fantastix over project surface.
Heat set to make permanent.

All-Purpose Ink (API) can be diluted up to 25% with water for pastel or lighter color variations. For stronger dilution or to create API sprays, use API with Ink Potion No. 9 Blending Solution.
Mix API into aloe vera gel to thicken the ink for a more controlled application. The aloe vera will wash out of fabric completely.
Blend White API with darker colors to produce pastel colors.
Apply hand lotion prior to use to reduce staining of hands.
Launder fabric first if sizing is present.

Additional Applications:

Faux appliquÃÒÿ½Ã¢â‚¬â„¢©: stitch around API-colored fabric and images
Use API with shaving cream for unique marbling effects
Paint or spray API onto wet fabric and then sprinkle with salts for a mottled look
Perfect for filling in embroidery and outlined fabric
API is great for rubbings, stenciling and silk screening

Quick Troubleshooting:
To remove ink while still wet: API can generally be rinsed out while the ink is still wet
To remove ink while partially dry: Apply detergent before heat-setting the surrounding colors. Stain removal pens are also recommended (NOT bleach pens). Launder without fabric softener.

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5 star rating
A little goes a long way with these. I use them in the Make-your-own-Markers for details or with a brush also with blank foam pads for use with stamps. They work well on most softsmooth fabrics I have tried. I even used them to update a little faux suede jacket. They are so easy to use that I find I often use them to spontaneously add a little accent of color to sewn projects.
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5 star rating
I use a brush or mix with shaving cream and use a sponge dauber with stencils. It works great on fabric even Polyester. (Don't forget to heat set it for permanence on fabric) Great colors. There's only a tablespoon in a bottle but it goes along way.
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5 star rating
I have been painting and teaching using this product for many years. It is quite user friendly especially when applied using FANASTIX fiber applicators. No prep.. No cleanup. Always ready to go. Yeah! Patt Blair
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