Angelus Leather Glitterlites

Angelus Leather Glitterlites
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USE FOR: Painting

USE ON: Leather, Vinyl

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Angelus Leather Glitterlites
220 Desert Gold
221 Penny Copper
222 Silver Spark
223 Gunmetal
224 Emerald
225 Limelite
226 Sky Blue
227 Starlite Blue
228 Lavender Lace
229 Princess Purple
230 Candy Pink
231 Ruby Red
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233 Razzberry
235 Tuxedo Black
236 Orange Orange
237 Ice Ice Blue
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Angelus Leather Glitterlites are brilliant and vibrant in color and are to be used for decorating and painting leather and vinyl articles. Ideal for painting special areas on western boots, belts, tennis shoes, purses, jackets, etc. The manufacture guarantees that Angelus Leather Paint, when dry, will not peel, crack, or rub-off. Waterbased for easy clean up. You can also pair the Glitterlites with our original Angelus Leather Paint!

Directions: Glitter will settle. Stir well before using. Apply Glitterlites with a brush (filbert or flat) using back and forth strokes. For best results apply two coats. First coat thin, let dry, then apply second coat. 

Caution: Some leather articles have a silicone finish applied at the factory, it may be necessary to clean these items with Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer. Silicone treated articles may cause Angelus Leather Paint to not adhere correctly to article. When properly applied, Angelus Leather Paint will provide a flexible, permanent, water resistant finish. Best results when paint is left to dry 24 hours in between coats.

Hand Painted Leather Headband - A Lil Blue Boo Tutorial
A great way to make your own hand-made headband!

Angelus 2-Thin is used to thin Angelus Acrylic Leather Paints. Great when air-brushing with the paints and when painting an area with mesh or cloth where you do not want heavy build-up.

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5 star rating
Very nice quality. I didn't realize the actual liquid part would dry clear. Only the glitter itself shows after it dries. As long as you realize that it can work to your advantage. A test strip might be a good idea to see how it looks once it is dry. You may want to paint the background whatever color you want because it will probably show behind the glitter.
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4 star rating
I purchased this in silver spark (along with the white and silver leather paints) and found it a little difficult to work with. I painted this over white and had to use many coats to completely cover my shoes. The glitter tends to clump (even after stirring) and doesn't always go on evenly. However after drying the glitter stayed put (even after some slight buffing).
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4 star rating
fine product.
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1 star rating
I was disappointed that the Glitterlites line amounts to leather paint mixed with large craft glitter. The glitter is so large it actually chips off the item with use. Darn too! I was really excited about finding something metallic-looking for my projects.
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2 star rating
I used this on my purse. Although advertised that it does not rub off it does. Perhaps on shoes it would stay put but if on anything that is exposed to friction (like my purse) sheds everywhere and I did use it according to directions. Looking for a top coat to keep glitter from coming off.
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