Jacquard Airbrush Colors

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Jacquard Airbrush Colors
4.41 star rating 4.41 ( 17 review )

USE FOR: Airbrushing, "faux" Tie-dye, "faux" batik, customizing sneakers

USE ON: Fabric, Leather (including Shoes!), Wood, Paper, Plastic, and Metal

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8 oz. size is only available in White and Black and Opaque White and Black.

Airbrush Colors
100 Yellow (Primary)
101 Red (Primary)
102 Blue (Primary)
103 Green
104 Violet
105 Brown
4 oz. - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out.
106 Black
107 White
150 Clear Extender Medium
200 Opaque Yellow (Primary)
201 Opaque Red (Primary)
202 Opaque Blue (Primary)
203 Opaque Green
204 Opaque Violet
205 Opaque Sepia
4 oz. - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out. 10/23/23 On order and OOS with the manufacturer. Due date ~12/12
206 Opaque Black
207 Opaque White
300 Metallic Yellow
301 Metallic Red
302 Metallic Blue
303 Metallic True Gold
304 Metallic Solar Gold
305 Metallic Silver
306 Metallic Copper
307 Metallic White
400 Fluorescent Yellow
401 Fluorescent Hot Pink
402 Fluorescent Blue
403 Fluorescent Green
404 Fluorescent Violet
405 Fluorescent Orange
406 Fluorescent Raspberry
407 Fluorescent Sunburst
408 Fluorescent Red
450 Volt
451 Miami
452 Gamma Blue
453 Military Green
454 Fire Red
455 Navy
456 Tanned Leather
457 Concrete Grey
500 Bright Yellow
501 Bright Red
502 Bright Blue
503 Bright Green
504 Bright Purple
505 Bright Orange
506 Bright Lavender
507 Bright Turquoise
600 Iridescent Yellow
601 Iridescent Red
602 Iridescent Electric Blue
603 Iridescent Green
604 Iridescent Violet
605 Iridescent Teal
606 Iridescent Scarlet
607 Iridescent Candy Apple Red
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Jacquard developed these inks specifically for airbrush applications. They are available in Transparent, Fluorescent (glow under blacklight!), Opaque and Metallic colors, all of which are water based and intermixable. The colors will work on almost anything, including some fabrics, leather, wood, plastic, and metal. For use on non-porous surfaces, some light sanding may be required, and bare metal may need a base coat of primer. Heat setting with a heat-gun or dry iron is recommended for permanency, or mix in some Jacquard Airfix right before use and cure a few days. These are fantastic for customizing white sneakers!

New addition: #150 Clear Extender Airbrush Medium!

Add Clear Extender Medium to Jacquard Airbrush Colors to increase transparency, dilute color and extend the mileage of the paint without affecting viscosity or compromising its adhesive properties OR use for a variety of purposes:

  • Thin Jacquard and other thick acrylic paints to decrease viscosity for spraying.
  • Use as a textile medium to modify artist or craft acrylics to improve washfastness and durability when applied to fabric.
  • Use as a protective topcoat on any paintable surface.
  • Use as a base for mixing custom colors from dispersed or powdered pigments such as Pearl Ex.

All colors are non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236.

Jacquard Airbrush Color Instructions

Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be clean. Leathers and fabrics must be washed to remove dirt, waxes, sizings and conditioners. Non-porous surfaces, like metal and plastic, may require light sanding. Bare metal may require a primer.

Application: Apply in light even coats. Avoid over-saturating the surface. Use approximately 40 psi and nib size should be no less that 0.5 mm. Paints are intermixable to get a full range of colors. Heat set paint with heat gun on hard surfaces. For fabric, heat set with a dry iron at appropriate setting for fabric for 30 seconds.

Varnish Instructions: (Optional) After airbrush paint has completely dried, spray varnish in a light even coat. Repeat, if desired, after first coat has thoroughly dried.

Tips for Airbrushing

  • Before starting on your piece, check to make sure all of your equipment is working properly. Check for bent needle or tip and replace if necessary. Make sure that the compressor is functioning correctly and you have the air pressure adjusted to where you want it.
  • Be sure you are using the correct size tip, especially with the Metallic Colors.
  • Don't let colors sit too long in the airbrush without use, causing paint to dry in the airbrush.
  • Place caps on bottles when not in use so they do not dry out.
  • Dilute Colors with water to thin paints slightly.
  • Be sure to clean your equipment thoroughly when you are finished.
  • Transparent Colors are best on white and light colored surfaces.
  • Opaque and Metallic Colors work on either light or dark surfaces.

Airbrushing on Ceramic

King Kang from King of Sneakers creates custom Nike Airforce 1 - Startrek Edition

Airbrush Portrait Painting Made Easy with SolarFast Underprint

Cosplay: Gozer Costume Tutorial


Use Jacquard's Clear Varnish to protect paint on metal, plastic, ceramic and other hard surfaces. Use as a topcoat on nonporous surfaces for added durability.

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Jacquard Air Brush Clear Varnish $12.89 $9.85
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Each set includes nine 1/2 fl oz bottles; one bottle of Clear Varnish and the eight colors.
Opaque set: 200 Opaque Yellow, 201 Opaque Red, 202 Opaque Blue, 203 Opaque Green, 204 Opaque Violet, 205 Opaque Brown, 206 Opaque Black, 207 Opaque White.

Metallic set: 300 Metallic Yellow, 301 Metallic Red, 302 Metallic Blue, 303 True Gold, 304 Solar Gold, 305 Silver, 306 Copper, 307 Metallic White.

Transparent set: 100 Transparent Yellow, 101 Transparent Red, 102 Transparent Blue, 103 Transparent Green, 104 Transparent Violet, 105 Transparent Brown, 106 Transparent Black, 107 Transparent White.

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Opaque, Metallic, Transparent $20.99 $14.99
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5 star rating
these paints are great for airbrushing or marbling. I didn't have any problems with the paint clogging my airbrush and the opaque metallic colors come out brilliant.
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13 of 13 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
I used these for marbling and boy the colors turned out fantastic!- Very bright.
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11 of 11 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
Initially I was having a hard time with these colors but I discovered that I mixed my sizing wrong. Mixed up another batch of sizing and started over. Was very happy with the vibrancy of the colors and am happy with the results. I also found that this brand mixes well with other types of marbling acrylics. I especially liked the "solidness" of the colors.
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7 of 7 users found this review helpful.

4 star rating
Used these for marbling. They worked beautifully but had to be careful of the amount of water added. If they were too heavy they'd sink but they were beautiful
Was this review helpful?  I found this review helpful This review was not helpful
6 of 6 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
excellent flow easily diluted and great coverage i ordered transparent by mistake and glad i did ive got to try the opauges now their airbrush line is a must have in all colors
Was this review helpful?  I found this review helpful This review was not helpful
6 of 6 users found this review helpful.

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