Allure Adhesive Paint

Formally known as Jones Tones!

USE FOR: Fabric Painting, stenciling, puff-paint, 3-D effects, outlining, gluing

USE ON: All natural or synthetic fabrics, leather, plastic, paper, wood, glass, metal, ceramics and more

Allure Adhesive Paint

Clearance Disclaimer


Put it on, let it dry and it's permanent. That's it!


Won't get hard, crack or peel off.


Squeeze bottle (comes with), brush, gutta applicator, mist sprayer, etc.


Allure Adhesive Paint use non-toxic glue as a base, making them a Fabric Paint, Glue, Dimensional Paint, and a Dye - all in one. Great product! One of the best for wearable art - outlining drawings or transfers on clothing. Use as a dimensional paint. Use as a resist in silk painting. Use as a colored glue to apply sequins, glitter, and beads. Apply a design with the clear and press iCraft Deco Foil over it for a great raised metallic effect. Water them down and use as an instant setting dye. Paint, dip or spray them on. These paints are also somewhat stretchy so they work great on somewhat stretchy fabrics like knits and cotton lycra, even dance tights, etc. No cracking!

- Allure Adhesive Puff Paint: Comes in a range of colors and expands when heated, great for adding dimension to all your projects. On fabric, dry flat for 8 hours. To puff the paint on fabric, iron with steam on backside of fabric for 15-30 seconds. To puff on other surfaces, use Heat Gun or hairdryer held 6" away. (This one doesn't work as a glue.)

- Allure Adhesive Glossy Paint: Brilliant colors and a shiny wet look when dry.

- Allure Adhesive Metallic Paint: Gives a shimmering & iridescent pearlized finish.

- Allure Adhesive Glitter Paint: Bright Metallic glitter in a clear base.

General Instructions

Shake paint down to tip of bottle before painting. Gently squeeze bottle while pushing tip down into the surface you are working on. Or hand paint with a brush. Or use with stencils. Or you can block print with these too. Sprinkle glitter over wet paints for dazzling effects. Dry flat for 8 hours.

On Fabric, turn item inside out to wash. Gentle cycle or hand wash. Line dry.

To make Paint Peelies: Paint designs on flat plastic, dry for 24 hours. Peel off designs and stick to other hard surfaces like glass windows and mirrors.


The names of colors on individual bottles may differ from the names in the catalog and website! Ask for details

Average Customer Review
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5 star rating
Very flexible and adhesive. Used on canvas shopping bag (to say "Plastic Bags BLOW") without cracking just deliciously rubbery. Also to re-glue an applique whose iron-on failed. Next stop drawing on clothes!
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5 star rating
Jones Tones 'glitter glues' 'solid color-without glitter'---in fact ANYTHING Jones Tones pits in a squeeze-bottle is a zillion times better than ANY OTHER BRAND!! I'm the "official sign-maker" of the family and I make "Just Married" "Welcome Home" "Happy Birthday" or whatever someone wants me to make signs as well as using Jones tones "Magic-in-a-squeeze-bottle" Glues and Paints to embellish my calligraphy work on all kinds ofgreeting cards etc.and JONES TONES products have ALWAYS EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS (as well as making my artwork look PROFESSIONAL)!!! I've tried many other "wanna-be brands" in an emergency---like when the craft store is out of "JONES TONES"....and the results can't even begin to compare to "JONES TONES"!I have a "Bridal Shower Sign" and a "Just Married Sign" for putting on the back of the car to make and I 'd ratherswim with the sharks than use another brand (and I don't even know how to swim!!). IF YOU WANT BEAUTIFUL PROFESSIONAL RESULTS.....YOU'LL ONLY USE THEBEST......AND THE BEST IS "JONES TONES" I'd like to rate it "100 STARS" but 5 is the most they'll let me give.Keep up the AWESOME work you do in making the BESTcraft glue products EVER. You make MY projects lookAWESOME!! THANKS A ZILLION from Donna in Pennsylvania.
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4 star rating
I had trouble writing with the squeeze bottle which is what I intended to do with it.
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5 star rating
I had used Jones Tones for over 20 years and never found a fabric paint that could compare with their brand. I was so upset when I heard that Jones Tones had been sold and they wouldn't be making it any more. Then I found out that the company that took Jones Tones over( Allure) is the same product. I am very happy to find someone that sells Allure. I have tried a couple of bottles of Allure and it works just great. You will be hearing from me shortly. Can't say enough good about this fabulous paint!
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5 star rating
I have used Jones Tones paints for at least 25 yrs. and they are by far the best fabric paints I have ever used! I have tried a lot of different brands well known name brands but none compare to the quality durability & versatility.
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