Jones Tones Foil Paper

Jones Tones Foil Paper
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USE FOR: Gold leaf effects, adding really metallic accents to clothes and accessories, adding value, fun.
USE ON: Flat fabrics, knits, lace, leather, trims, paper, glass, ceramics, plastic, wood.


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6"x 12" Sheet 456 Green
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You've been asking, and we've wanted to carry colored foils for years, but haven't found one that stays put, until now! Jones Tones has perfected their foil paper and glue - the glue is quick drying and stays tacky, just rub foil over it, no ironing involved. That's it! The results are eye catching and fun. Kids and Juniors love it! Great for party projects, or to give added value and glamour to your tie dyes, scarves, etc. See the pictures above. Possibilities are endless!

It holds up in the cool wash on gentle cycle (turn inside out), and works on any smooth fabric. if you need to, best to iron your fabric first and apply the foil as the last step as ironing can reduce the sheen. The heat from dryers can reduce the sheen also, because the stuff is real metal, and can melt, so best to line dry. The glue can be applied with a brush, rubber stamp or copper tjap, gutta applicator bottle for fine lines and writing, or directly from the dispenser bottle. Any way really. Then, after it dries, you lay the foil on it, shiny (colored) side up and rub it. If you lift up the foil and not enough foil has adhered, you just lay the foil back down and rub some more. The backside of a spoon or your fingernails works well.

Mistakes can easily be corrected by adding more glue and foil. And every last bit of colored foil can be used from the sheet too.

Adds a touch of class to any project. We, of course, love it on fabric, but don't forget it can be applied to other surfaces such as wood, paper, glass, plastic, ceramic, leather, you name it.

Applying Foil with Indonesian Copper Tjaps
A fun and interesting way to use our amazing tjaps!
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Step by step tutorial for decorating your own silk organza gift bag for wine or champagne.
Jones Tones Foil Embellished Silk Scarf
Using Jones Tones Foil as is shown in this tutorial can add value to a piece and make a it much more festive.
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An easy tutorial on embellishing with Jones Tones Foil and Foil Glue makes our rayon jacket even more beautiful and classy.

Glue technology has come a long way! E6000 Adhesives have come up with a line of glues to meet every crafting need, because they realized that one glue really can't do it all. No odor, non-toxic, water clean-up, washable!

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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407 Fabrifuse , 408 Extreme Tack $5.25
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4oz. - 407 Fabrifuse
4oz. - 408 Extreme Tack
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I have to say I haven't used any other foil to compare this too but I love it. I do go over an area several times with the back of a spoon and when it is a fine detailed design I find nothing works like the backs of my fingernails. I get very good transfer and my final garment looks fantastic! Love this stuff!
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The foil paper seems to have a shelf life. I had a sample set and only some of the colors still work. I ordered several rolls of one of the colors that did work and the additional ones were fine. I used the foil with silicon tub caulking a technique I learned at a workshop. I also found that this worked better than the jones tones adhesive.
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fun product to embellish my work easy to use.
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These work great!
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This is an awesome product! I had never tried foiling before but totally recommend this!
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