Jacquard Neopaque Starter Set

USE FOR: Stamping, Stenciling, Hand-painting, Airbrushing (thinned), Silkscreen.
USE ON: Natural fabrics and most synthetics and blends, wood, paper and leather, both light and dark.

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Neopaque Starter Set
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This is just about the best fabric paint available and also the most expensive. But as always, you get what you pay for. I think the secret is that it contains more pigment than other paints. Then again, maybe that's not the secret. Whatever. What's so is that the Lumiere is very, very metallic and the Neopaque is very, very opaque. Covers dark fabrics great. Fantastic paints.

We estimate an 8 oz. jar will cover 12 sq. feet when painting and 24 sq feet when stamping. The Lumiere is truly metallic, not just metallic colored. Easy clean up with soap and water. Lumiere can be used as a resist in silk painting as an alternative to metallic resists. Excellent washfastness and drycleanability after heat setting with an iron or dryer. Great for stamping, stenciling. Produces clear prints with fine detail. Leather can be painted and need not be heatset.

This Starter Set contains:
Six 2.25oz. jars of Neopaque Fabric Paint (Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, White, Magenta). Includes instructions.


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This paint is certainly more opaque than others I've used but the hand feel is not very good. It will not work if you are trying to paint large areas unless you want to reduce your fabric to a papery texture. Go with silkscreening instead if you need a huge area covered. Neopaque works best for smaller accents. Underpainting with white helps makes the colors brighter.
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This I bought to paint on black T-shirts. I was disappointed with them. Ended up using many layers of paint. The coverage was not what I was hoping for. Paint is good but they don't work so well on black.
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Excellent coverage but inconsistant body. The yellow is so thick it reminds me of kindergarten paste.
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Really good coverage easy to mix the colors. I'm very pleased with this paint and the quick and easy cleanup. It has more hand than the non-opaque paint but that's expected. Very nice product.
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I like the colors and they spread well. Thinned out not quite as nice a look as the other Jacquards.
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