Jacquard Textile Colors - Traditional Starter Set

USE FOR: Textile painting, marbling, airbrushing, and printing
USE ON: Most all fabrics.

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Washable * Drycleanable * Permanent * Non Toxic * Water-soluable

Here's a fabric paint that delivers good value for your money. The qualities listed below give it an edge over some of our other paints, and the soft feel it leaves jumps it ahead of others. Heatset with an iron for permanence.

The colors are very soft and clear, particularly the opaques. These paints are not chalky and stiff like some other opaque paints. The traditional and fluorescents airbrush exceptionally well when thinned 20% with water. For marbling the opaque and fluorescents are outstanding.

Jacquard Traditional Colors Starter Set:
Eight 2.25 oz. jars:
101 Yellow, 103 Orange, 106 True Red, 110 Violet, 112 Sapphire, 117 Emerald, 122 Black, 123 White


Measurements coming soon! 
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I'm having great fun painting on tee shirts and canvas tote bags and any other fabric I can get my hands on!!!! Super easy to use and mixes great with other Jacquard products!
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Never used this fabric paint before and I feel like I've missed out! Great product covers heavier fabric really well and works great for a watercolor effect. Using this paint on canvas bags and it blends wonderful and dries darker than I thot it would. The jar size really made my day - a good amount in each one and the colors really pop once a project is completed. Very glad I bought this set and plan to purchase some more of the individual colors later on. Thanks for having such a good line of fabric paint.
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These paints leave the texture of the fabric unchanged and soft. The colors are basic and you can make any color you wish..
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love this stuff!!
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Excellent for my painting on synthetic fabric. Sufficient body to paint without much spreading and when diluted with water very predictable with all the colors quite intense and mixing well.
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