Lumiere and Neopaque Extender

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Use this extender to lighten colors without thinning the paints with the Lumiere & Neopaque fabric paints.


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Jacquard makes amazing products. This is the only acrylic paint I use on every material except for canvas & the only reason I don't use it on canvas is because I use a less expensive paint. It is absolutely perfect on leather & rubber. The only complaint I would have is the drying time. It dries very quickly & can tend to be a little thick. Adding water can help though.The metallic & pearlescent paints are especially beautiful & have a very nice finish to them.They have an extensive color line however most are either bright or dark so I would get A LOT of white if you mix & definitely get the extender!!The extender will extend drying time & slightly thin out the paints. This means that you may need a few extra coats. Depending on how much you use it may lighten colors just a little bit.
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I reviewed this product on 4910 & stand by what I said at that time however I have a little to add.I mix the Jacquard paints with the extender in an air-tight container. I have noticed that when the paint sits for a few weeks you have to add more extender bc the paint gets it's regular thickness back (I guess from sitting). This isn't a huge deal to me but due to the fact that the extender may lighten your colors you should keep this in mind.
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Lightens the color of the paint a bit. Perhaps may work well on the neopaque colors however makes the lumiere a bit transparent vs lightening the color. Perhaps this is what it is for & I misunderstood???
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I use these paints for monoprinting. They are great!
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love the effect
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