Dr. Martin's Craft Fabric Stamping Ink 2oz. Bottles

Acid-free & Non-toxic

 4.75 ( 24 review )

USE FOR: Stamping with detailed rubber stamps, painting, spraying

USE ON: Most Fabrics, including cotton and poly blends, as well as wood, and paper

Sorry, this has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Fabric Stamping Ink
1 Lemon
2 Orange
3 Ruby Red
4 Violet
5 Warm Yellow
6 Magenta
7 Emerald
8 Turquoise
9 Black
10 Spectrum Red
11 Natural Blue
12 Terra Cotta
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Dr. Martin's Craft Inks are PERMANENT INKS FOR FABRIC that leave no "hand", like a dye. They are water based, acid free and have the pigment permanence to light, like a paint. Especially good for stamping, but also great for painting, spraying, etc. Great on silk, cotton and all natural fabrics as well as cotton and poly blends, and they also can be used on wood and paper. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Although they don't absolutely need heatsetting, the manufacturer recommends it. It will boost the intensity and increase the washfastness. To heat-set, set your iron to the appropriate fabric type and go back and forth with the iron for 2 minutes- do not allow it to get too hot - then stop, and repeat for 2 more minutes. The inks can be mixed to create new colors and can be cleaned up with the Cleaner. Works well with commercial rubber stamps, or better yet, make your own unique designs using any of the various products we carry. It's a great way to decorate clothing and even better when combined with another technique like tie-dye or painting for some fantastic visual texture. Non-toxic!
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The natural blue came out to be exactly like a crayola purple crayon. There was no hint of blue at all just purple. They suggested buying the turquoise and perhaps mixing it with the natural but I don't know how that would turn out. The spectrum red is actually coral. I like the quality of the inks but they really need some true primary colors.
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This is great ink. It works well both with rubber stamps as well as with stencils and a foam roller. It can be thinned if necessary and used with a brush. It does not stiffen the fabric to any noticeable degree. It does take a long time to dry however when applied thickly to large areas such as with large stencils.
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I really love this ink. I have so far used it on my handcarved rubber stamps and stamped onto fabric. It comes out very nicely on white fabric. This is not something you use on dark fabric as it is a transparent liquid. But on my white fabric it is very vibrant and just what I needed!
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I am not artistic but with rubber stamps and your towels I was able to make kitchen towels for all my guests at Easter and they were loved by all. They washed well also. I don't know if they will bleach. I also made hankies shopping bags and a new curtain with muslin and stampings.
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I use this to stamp fabric and it works great and lasts through many washings. I bleach my kitchen towels and it still does not wash out. For Halloween I dye your sack cloth towels pumpkin and stamp spiders etc. in black and everyone loves them. It is the simplest form of decorating fabric blanks of all likds.
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