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Remarkable new fabric paint fixative really works! It could change your life!

If you don't want to heat set your fabric paints then add a small amount (1-3%, or 1/2 - 1 1/2 tsp per 16 oz. of paint) of this fixative to your paint. Apply as usual and let sit for at least 5 days before any water exposure. Done! Do not iron in addition. This product is used INSTEAD of ironing, to fix the paint and make it wash fast.

Our tests results were comparable to heat setting. It also seems to work equally well with our other fabric paints. You should run tests yourself before using in important projects. Paint must be used within 4-6 hours after adding fixative. After that time, if you have some left, you must add more fixative to make it effective. Paint set with the No Heat Fixative seem softer and less "plastic" than paints set with irons and heat presses. Customers who have tried it are very impressed! One production artist mom who used to coerce her children into ironing the paint said it changed their life!


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I've used this fixative for a few years now and find it sure and easy. I've never had any trouble with colors washing out. And it certainly saves time and energy from the old days when I had to heat set every print.
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I had tried heat-setting with very sad results. Spent over an hour ironing one skirt and then the colors ran out anyways.I tried this fixative on some new dye projects and was really amazed at the results. I exposed the garments to some heat anyways (threw them in the dryer ironed them briefly but not 15 minutes per square foot or whatever the heat-set requirement is) but wasn't very serious about it. I was very amazed with the results. Such a small amount of fixative made such a HUGE difference! I have store-bought finished garments that bleed more dye in cold water than what my freshly dyed garment bled in scalding hot water with stronger soaps. I was expecting a sink full of dye and possibly a bit of dye in the washing machine (I hand-washed first then machine washed expecting dye to run all over the place). I was really amazed - I saw very little dye running off the garments. Wow! The colors are brighter than I was expecting and very little ran off when seriously washed. Yay!
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I have used this product with dye-na-flow and setacolor paints with fantastic success.
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I'm using a drop of this for very small quantities of Jacquard Neopaque Lumiere and regular fabric paint. It absolutely works. Everything remains colorfast in the wash.
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I planned to paint 30 t-shirts with fabric paint and was not looking forward to ironing each one to fix it. This stuff worked great. It's active for a few hours but you can then add it to the paint again. And the paint can still be heat fixed the regular way after it's not active any more.
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