Dupont Anti-Fusant 250 ml

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H. Dupont's Waterbased Anti-Fusant (Anti Spread) is like a magical goop that you apply to your silk prior to painting with your steam fixed dyes or iron fixed silk paints. Anti-Fusant closes the pores of the silk and allows you to paint it like a canvas. Your paint or dye will stay where they are put! If you prefer to work free-hand but need to control the spread of the dye or paint this is the product for you! Your brushed details will remain crisp, allowing you to paint distinct images and shapes without the use of a gutta or traditional resist! If you use fine point fabric markers on your silk to sign your name (or to create Zentangle-type designs) you can draw crisp, clean lines without that "feathering" created by the wicking of the ink, paint or dye. This product will not change your colors.

This is a clear, creamy liquid that acts as a coating agent. When you do not wish to use a resist to define areas of dye, but rather paint directly on the silk, apply a thin coat of the Antifusant to the fabric with a foam brush, our paint roller, or applicator like #SAH. As it dries, it will stiffen the fabric and control the flow of the dyes. Once dry, you may paint directly on the fabric, and very little bleeding will occur. The Antifusant may be used over the entire fabric or small sections. After setting the dye, rinse the fabric in lukewarm water to remove the antifusant. The stiffness will disappear and the fabric will regain its original softness.

Made in: FRANCE (FR)


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I used for the first time this product and I just love it . It makes it so much easier to not have leake on your work.Every one should try this wonderful product Im soon placing a re-order.
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Wish better instructions were available found it does well at 2:1.
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