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these should be heatset with an iron if going to be steamed, or to make wash fast or dry-cleanable

Metallic Water-based Resists
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Jacquard Permanent Metallic Water-Based Resists are available in Black and 7 gorgeous colors, these resists hold fine, crisp lines that do not spread. They emit no fumes and after heat-setting with an iron are completely permanent and can be steamed, washed, or dry-cleaned. The consistency is perfect for production screenprinting or squeeze bottle application.

Metallic guttas (rubber based products with metal flakes in them) look fantastic but are hard to use - they separate, dry up, flake off the silk, and can't be drycleaned. This is a good alternative. Based on Lumiere Fabric Paint, the metallic colors have a shiny metallic look and are a breeze to use. Apply with an applicator as usual and heat-set with an iron. Stays on the fabric - not meant to be washed out.

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I called Jacquard customer service with questions about the thickness of this resist. They said it can be thinned with a few drops of water and stir to mix don't shake. They also suggested using a dropper or syringe to transfer the resist to the gutta applicator bottle.
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I love this! I like the fact that it is heat set and the metallic colors are beautiful. So far my favorite black resist that I have tried.
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Love the effects!! Not wild about the black as it's stiff and doesn't soften up after washing but very happy with the others.
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Nice product. It seems thicker then other resits and easier to control.
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This product is great for projects where you don't mind a bit of a raised line and slightly stiffer texture where applied. Creates a terrificstained glass effect or "coloring book" effect and holds Dyna-Flow beautifully within the lines. My only complaint is the packaging--it should come in something like a honey squeeze bottle the product is thick and difficult to dispense into gutta applicator bottles right now I use a syringe to do so but it can be messy. Great resist qualities.
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