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Rocco's Waterbased Resist is excellent for silk painting. It holds the line well, and it may be colored by adding a few drops of dye. After setting the color, washing the painted silk with COLD water will cause the resist to disappear and leave a soft hand to the fabric. This product is excellent for silk screening a resist pattern on fabric. To use as an anti-bleeding or anti-fusant for direct painting, mix the resist half and half with water.

We've found that these neat little refillable pens work well with this resist.

Made in: FRANCE (FR)


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This has been my all-time favorite water based resist for 20 years. Formulated by a master silk painter this one comes out of the fabric in the after-steaming rinse every time. I have tried a dozen different water-based resists over my 30 years of silk painting. This one surpasses them all for reliability.
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After multiple ruined silk scarves I'm throwing my bottle out. The product is too thin so it bleeds as I'm applying it. Worse it doesn't hold when using dye so color bleeds through the resist lines.
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The top was loose when I removed the tape and product dribbled all over my scarf. It worked but I was quite unhappy with the packaging I will be sure to tighten the top on all products I receive in the future!
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Using this on silk has lead to several disasters. It is more runny than the Jacquard product so the lines are wider and less distinct. It is also very difficult to see once it is dry. But worst of all after setting the dye it adhered to the newspaper so strongly that my silk scarves ripped as I tried to gently removed them! The only way I could get safely remove the scarves was to soak the whole package of silk and paper in water - very messy.
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This is the weepiest resist I have ever tried. It has ruined several projects and I will be throwing it away. Adding powder dye as a colorant to thicken it does not work the color bleeds terribly outside of the line as well this product is an absolute fail for me and I would never recommend it to anyone.
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